GDT Riders At Argos


Go Argos Go.

They need this more than the Riders.

Argos have to do something positive for their fan base.

It would be nice to watch an Argo game and not see all those red seats.

Perhaps a couple of late season wins will do that and carry over to next season.

That TD was pretty much the most pathetic punt coverage I have ever seen.

Whoever originally thought Willy was worth 400k is a little

Argos with 0 points in the 1st half. Will Drew Willy get pulled???

Why wouldn't Riders go deep on that last play of the half, instead of taking a knee? With the way these games are called and the challenges, a pass interference call is almost a guarantee if the ball is up for grabs for a couple seconds. That was a free play given up.

Biggest shock of my year is how truly bad the Argos are. I really thought they'd be challenging for the East.

Maybe tied for biggest shock actually..I never thought I'd see Nicholls as a legit starter in the CFL. He's been terrific.

Wow, 29-0. The Riders are missing a bunch of their best receivers, surprised they've been able to put up this many.

I'm not, they're playing good football here.

AS bad as the Riders looked earlier in the season, The Argos have taken over as being the biggest train wreck in the league! The Drew "free" Willy trade is looking like a major fleecing by the Bombers at this point.

Don't like the timing of putting Gale in there. Should have gave Durant a minute or two in the fourth to pad the stats a bit. He looks pis sed on the sidelines. Maybe if they had re-signed him first.

Argo fans cheered when Willy got yanked.

Very true indeed, I'm more surprised the Argos not executing very well on a coach's figure of speech. 29-3 Riders
Nice hit on the Argo QB

Nice to see them play spoiler here (though realistically the Argo's weren't making the playoffs anyways). 4 of the 5 wins will be against teams that will likely make the playoffs. They get BC a couple of times down the stretch, I don't see the Riders winning out.

Willy got yanked. Willy got pulled. Two funniest lines of the day. Milo pulled Willy, there’s another.

Has to be the biggest crapping of the field in CFL history. At one point TO was 4-1 or 4-2. They’ll end up at 5-13 with a stupid stubborn moron coach and a useless GM. Milanovich looks like one of the Three Stooges kids on the sideline. He’s lost and a total dough head. He needs to be slapped up side the head.

Congratulations Winnipeg for surely getting the number one pick in next year draft while ditching a totally CRAP qb to our sucker GM, Barker.

This could be the worst I’ve seen things in Argoland ever. This team will be horrible for the next five years with what Barker and Milo have done.

With all due respect to the Argos and all Argo fans , I have no words just :

:( :( :? :? :x :x :oops: :oops: :cry: :cry: :roll: :roll: :thdn: :thdn:

OK, why were all the stars released again ?

When you had three guys with such attitude arguing with coaches, spinning balls after two yard catches it wears thin. Personally I would have replaced them last off season not now. Basically Barker and Milo have sunk this franchise but good. I see little hope to be honest. They have fallen so far back in the TO sports scene and you sink the ship. BMO hasn’t helped and the owners never are heard from.

Agreed - the argos are so far back in the sports pages the may as well buy a classified!

If Lilly is the answer to the argo's quarterbacking woes (as Sgt. Bilko Barker stated) then heads have to roll. Barker is either blind or stupid - maybe a lot of both. Milo seems resigned to his fate - he's more expressionless than Mike O'Shea in his first year! :cowboy:

PS. Credit to the riders organization - they only saw Lilly as a 2nd or 3rd string reserve - paid accordingly! Winnipeg was so starved for a guy who looked like a marquee star (but obviously couldn't play) they popped for $411k (according to Gooner Lawless) - and after Lilly barfed all over his shiny alligator shoes - found a brand new boat for Lilly to sing in the Argos!

That would be Winnipeg's tow top teenage mutant ninja management turtles - Kyle Walters & Wadzilla! However, by swindling Sgt. Bilko (Barker) out of a 1st round pick (prolly 1st or 2nd overall) and a serviceable import DB in T. B. Heath - the sewer-dwelling bomber management turtles are now poised outside the penthouse suite - ready to bust their way in.