GDT: Redblacks @ Tiger-Cats October 19th!

Might’ve been nice when the game started but need to be prepared for later in the game when he sun starts to disappear.

Our seats don’t usually get any wind. Brrrrr

Are you on the lower deck? Seems to be a bit less windy down there. We’ve been up in the 200s but the past couple of years have purchased tickets in the 100s. Hoping for moderate weather in a couple of weeks when we’ll be at the game but I survived the GC in Ottawa so I’m sure I’ll manage.

Section 212 by the wall.

First time I ever sat on the East stands, and I was second row from the top!
I was dressed for the cold, so I was sweltering at the start. Then suddenly it was like someone flipped a switch, and I was wishing I had brought my toque or a scarf.
I’ll know better next time.