GDT: Redblacks @ Tiger-Cats October 19th!

LeoVegas favours the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in this one by a whopping 17.5 points!

Too much? Can Will Arndt, Brendan Gillanders, Dominique Rhymes, R.J. Harris, Brad Sinopoli and company actually find a way to throw sand in the up till now smoothly functioning gears of the Tiger-Cats?


Nope and nope. I suspect that the Ticats will more than cover the spread. OTTRBs might get into the game a bit late in the fourth - or whenever the Ticats start to take out some key starters and play some of their back ups (who are probably still better than many of the OTTRB starters!) :o

Cats by 75 points.


Within the realm of possibility! ;D :wink:

Maybe the TiCats will rest their starters, with the one seed all locked up?

Maybe 3rd or 4th quarter…but home game…afternoon game…

Will want to perform for the fans.

We still remember last years ECF.

The Cats will want to continue their current winning streak – particularly their HOME winning streak – into the playoffs. By playing pre-season football now, they may find it hard to turn back to their winning ways come November 17. I’ve seen that sort of thing happen in the past.

But I can definitely see them pulling a lot of their starters early once the game is locked up. In this case, that may be around halftime.

BEAUTIFUL afternoon here in the Hammer. Just about to hop on my bike to head to the game - but here some shots I just took from my balcony of this perfect autumn day. Here Tim Hortons Field

And here another shot I just took of people taking advantage for another afternoon of sailing in the harbour here in Hamilton. And note how late the fall colours are this year here.

Hot time on the board today. Good thing I am at the game.

Nope - need to keep them sharp and not lose momentum. Too early to start resting players unnecessarily for a whole game when the EF isn’t for another month.

Looks like there’s more chatter on here than there is on the Ticats board and that’s unusual. Everyone must be at the game.

THAT was a holding call?? ???

One on every play. ?

That one on Filer looks pretty iffy! Negated a good play and likely a TD

And the RBs definitely did not hold there?

But of COURSE they did! Only the Ticats NEVER hold! :wink: ;D

246 yds to 74 and a 3 pt. lead.

Need to start translating those yards into points on the board in the second half.

Yep Ward can’t kick field goals over 50 yards! How about 56 yards!

Getting cold in the stadium… for us wimpy Easterners that haven’t acclimatized yet.

Well, one more JOKE call against Ottawa. 7 points given to Hamilton. Thanks command centre!!!

Hey Ticats have been there on more than one occasion and at least one of them favoured the OTTRBs a few years ago!