GDT: Redblacks @ Stampeders

Live from antiquated McMahon stadium in Cowtown.

17-9 Stamps w/ a couple minutes left in the 1st half.

Rod Black drew the short straw tonite - paired with the vociferous Glen Suitor rather than the dour and reluctant Duane Forde.

Rod really on the ball tonite (sic) - continually missing I.D.'s of receivers, tacklers and penalty calls. Obviously he's sick bad on identifying injuries but that's an art - one that obviously can't be taught to this dudsack.

Key for Suitor is to ignore the idiocy of the guy beside him and just do what he normally does. Plod out a gameplan regardless of score or change of direction.

Now tied at 17 as I type - D'Onte Spencer busts a return for a massive TD return. Maher had the angle but ran out of leg speed as Spencer destroyed his tackling angle!

Good game, tonight. Lots of scoring so far in the season. Nice to see. :thup:

Stamp players dropping like flies (tonite's game for sure; but they lost some good ones prior)

However, the Stamps have a great formula for 'Next Man Up'; unparalleled in our league.

If bombers, riders, ticats, argos, als had this kind of player loss they'd be tossing in the towel 'HEY MICK' - cuz some of these teams, even the starters aren't as well-drilled as the stampede backups!

Great game. :thup:

These two teams are as good as they get in the CFL. It's an amazing collection of talent.

Yup. Such amazing fireworks.

Insane game... in a good way.

And a huge shout out to this guy and his first CFL TD!

GO RAVENS :rockin:

Canadian kid from Nigeria. I like it! :thup:

Insane - most of the game looks like a Milt Stegall/Geroy Simon hi-lite reel . . . . :cowboy:

Every game should be like this. :rockin:

This has been a crazy entertaining game ... but that extra point went through the uprights did it not??? Why didn't they review? Maybe they did silently like other scoring plays but to me that looked good even with tough camera angle.

Doesn't seem to matter now but that was a huge point to miss out on.

The Wretchblacks are finally running out of steam!

Now, everyone will focus on the Grey Cup champeens being winless entering Week 3 . . . .


Agree. It went thru - thankfully, it won't make a difference.


Kinda rough, but hey. How many East Division teams will be able to peel a point off of Calgary this year?

Ottawa has been impressive!

Awesome game, the game of the year.
82 points with a ton of big plays, CFL is the best.
If only the stupid fans here in Toronto could see this sad.

The good news... On a sports night where Jays finished early/poorly, I am sure many bars switched to this amazing game.

I was at the game.

Interesting, how a game can be perceived different.

I get most fans like lots of scoring, as do I.

On tv it would look great, but live, IMO the defenses SUCKED on both sides.

D coaches are not going to be happy.

Regardless, I really enjoyed it .

Even if Ott had won, I still would have enjoyed it on a perfect night in a nice stadium.

Watched the first half and taped the 2nd and just finished watching this morning. High scoring explosive lots of scoring highlights for sure. But yup, defensively both teams need to sharpen up and avoid stupid penalties like the Sinopoli blocking from behind in the 1st quarter taking away a td. Those things can come back to haunt you just like what happened.

Anyway, great win for the Stamps regardless of the poor defensive play. Mind you Ottawa can light it up with that offense of theirs.