GDT: RedBlacks @ Roughriders August 24th!

Does Ottawa Coach Campbell have any tricks at all up his sleeve to end the RedBlacks skid?

Will Cody Fajardo and his crew of excellent receivers simply have their own way with the RedBlack Defence and lead the Roughriders to another victory?

Stay tuned! The game’s on Saturday.


Is it too late to fix the title for this thread?

Fortunately no.


Fortunately yes, there is a modify button to alter such.

Much as I would love to see a win, I have pretty much resigned myself to a season of losses and disappointment. Until we get a new QB (or two), our Redblacks will be dead in the water.

The best we can hope for at this point is that we stay ahead of the Argos and BC; both of whom are vying for dead last place for the 2019 season.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a fairweather fan. I am still cheering them on, but I am also a realist and right now, reality is a grim prospect for the ORBs.

Well could take some tips from the Riders who up until this season havn’t had a reliable (consistant) QB since DD left…that’s years ago.
Jones built a defense that won games and kept the Riders in playoffs without shall I say, a successful QB/ Offense.
No QB…Defense,Defense,Defense.

RB’s win.

Green fans continue to advise why RR’s should be first on the power rankings.

Riders Take this one, Team continues to gel, AC Leonard is back and hey we beat Hamilton!!

I meant that fortunately it wasn’t too late.


By a hair - AND we beat you too! :slight_smile:

However I agree that the Riders are the likely winners vs the OTTRBs especially when they are playing at home.
But then what do I know - I picked the Stamps to beat the larks last week since they were playing at home! :-[ :wink:

The race for second place in the East will be one epic pillow fight.

I’m a bit nervous for today’s game. Ottawa has had the Riders number over the past few seasons and a Jekyll/Hyde QB in Ottawa can be unpredictable

At the risk of sounding like a low-life traitor to my team, I don’t think you have anything to worry about there bud. I do not expect Davis or the O-line to pull any surprises out of their helmets unless the Fairy Godmother has sprinkled pixie dust on them and a unicorn leads the team out onto the field today.

I realize that anything can happen in the CFL however the Riders aren’t the team of 4-6 weeks ago.
Regardless of Unpredictable REDBLACK QB, the Riders improvement, confidence and toughness has improved significantly and is predictable. Riders Win
Go Riders

Certainly can’t argue with that - nothing like winning to cure what ails a team!
And Dom Davis seems to think that the guys in green and white are his team mates - just tossed his third pick to the a Riders DB - Montcrieff this time. :-[ :-[
Looks like he’ll be getting the hook here!
Nothing like letting the opposing offense start on your 20 or 30 yard line three times in a row!

Glen Suiter has a Fajardon for Fajardo! :o

They should force him to wear Rider gear from head to toe. Maybe even one of those plastic melon helmets.

Davis was horrible for the RedBlacks. They might have made it a closer game if he doesn’t throw 3 interceptions in the first 3 possessions. The Riders shot themselves in the foot a ton with penalties, kept them from closing the game out early.