GDT: RedBlacks @ Lions September 13th!

The game’s tonight! :oWhich team can better skirt the shadow of the cat?


The fact that this game is on Friday the 13th, a full moon, and 13 years since the last time this happened,
And of course Mike Reilly wears #13.

Means that the Lions will have a dominate victory tonight!!!

0-0 tie through regulation … 2-0 win (could be either team) as they chase an opponent 80 yards back into their endzone for a safety?

Seriously, I think BC likely wins 20-11

Now that I’ve dropped the Lions’ Defence from my Fantasy picks, we in this household are now hoping for a high scoring game with the edge to British Columbia.


Ottawa 12
BC 39

Not sure about the reasoning Grover but I do tend to agree that the Leos should pick up win #2 of the season. They at least have a QB - not so sure about the OTTRBs - although I was in the UK for the past couple of weeks so haven’t seen any recent games (September) to see if Jennings actually looks like he’s any good. Just going to give the edge to the home team and hope it isn’t a real snoozer - having a hard enough time staying awake these days as it is!

I take small mercies in this train wreck of a season.

The Lions’ defence appears to have finally turned a corner and have bought into the Stubler/Claybrooks system. They have tightened up defensively and are not giving up big plays. Yardage has to be earned.

Surprising fact of the year (besides the fact that Reilly is the only QB to not miss playing time due to injury despite being sacked way more than any other quarterback): Only one QB has passed for more than 300 yards on BC all year (that was Bethel-Thompson with 303)! They average only 247 yards (against) through the air this year.

Very good call

Well Reilly has only been hit once and not sacked at all in the first half. :o :o
21-0 for the Leos over the OTTRBs at the half.

Cant tell if ottawa is just that bad or if BC has turned a corner

Ottawa is that bad, but BC’s offense may be turning the corner.

Unwatchable game on so many levels .

We are going backwards . Hope the new ownership in Montreal and BC make a difference . They can’t help the RB’s offence but BC Place looked cavernous .

Atmosphere thru the TV was at Montreal Concorde level at the big O bad and the game was played at a preseason level especially for the RB’s .

Turned it on late first quarter and on thru the second and turned it off .