GDT: RedBlacks @ Eskimos August 9th!

Will this game be as much of a mismatch as it seems right now? Will the Eskimos simply cruise to an easy victory tomorrow evening? Do the RedBlacks have any surprises up their sleeve? Brad Sinopoli perhaps? Devonte Dedmon?


Whenever I miss type Redblacks it comes out redbricks .

It will be interesting how the Ottawa D plays Harris .

They know his style and play selection is pretty much the same as it was a year ago when he was on there side .

Yep. If the RB D schemes for a litany of three-yard passes and flares into the flat, they have a chance to post a tie.

Unfortunately, Ottawa WISHES they had a QB who could consistently complete a three-yard pass.

I don’t expect this to be much fun to watch. (But of course, I’m gonna watch anyway!)

Yes sir , Yak yards are so important for him unless he can get one over the shoulder on a fly with a speedy receiver or back .

He will go semi deep but it’s usually a fly pattern down the side line or a slant over the middle post pattern . Usually a loft not a cannon shot .

They will send disrupter patterns first to test the D and then see if the play will work and then boom see you later if the D is playing zone or are cheating on those dump and runs .

Pretty much a ball control offence that sustains a drive or gets field position with a few breaks with a speedster running under it here and there sprinkled in .

You get some good runs with a good RB bringing the LB’s inside the lanes and they will test the secondary constantly after they established the run with more Yak outside the box where they can isolate coverage .

Now watch him throw perfect spirals 50 yards in the air with huge coverage for completions just to spite me . :smiley:

No, I think you’re spot-on. He’ll certainly throw one, maybe two passes beyond the first-down markers, like last weekend, but don’t expect a steady diet of it. Not a fun offense to watch, so it’s easy to root against him (even though I like the Esks).

Hi All,

As a Redblacks fan, I tend to think that Harris’s tendency to throw the short pass was a function of the Ottawa offence and the play-calling of the offensive co-ordinator. I think that Harris can throw the ball well anywhere he wants to… but that’s not what the Ottawa coaching staff wanted while Harris was their pivot. I think we all know that these guys don’t call their own plays nor do the check off and audible very often either.

Yes, he’s running the same style now in Edmonton but in my view this isn’t a result of his own play calling or personal choice. I would venture to suggest that Harris is the best pure passer in the CFL at the moment. But he has to exist within the coaching schemes of the teams he’s playing for.

Due to the quality of the offensive line he had in Ottawa, I always thought they wanted him to get rid of the ball quickly on a three step drop. I’m just assuming this to have been the situation as a result of watching him and the Ottawa offence during the years he was here in Ottawa. Even with the quick release, he got hit hard often. The addition of Sir Vincent Rogers helped out on blind side sacks but still, he was quite often victimized by a lack of time.

The situation in Ottawa this year seems to be a deeper pass offence with the quarterback still not having anywhere near the time required to set up and throw those fifteen to twenty-five yarders. So depressing to watch. The added fact that our receivers seem out of sync and are less sure handed is not helping. The final dagger is that the offensive co-ordinator must be using Sinopoli as a threat with the idea they will be able pass away from him into single coverage… why else would they be ignoring one of the CFL’s prime receivers.



Edmonton got 3 of their 4 wins from Toronto and BC who have combined for a whopping 2 wins out of 14 games.

Not saying Ottawa will win but this is nowhere near the lopsided contest people are making it out to be. It is just as likely that Trevor Harris will put up winning stats that fail to translate to points on the board snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

I feel your pain. You’ve made some really insightful observations.

One you’ve noted is that Ottawa is trying to open up the game with longer passes, but simply doesn’t have the guns to get it done. (Davis is the furthest thing from the answer Ottawa needs, but it’s what they’re stuck with at the moment). That’s a hint that the short-ball game was Harris.

The next piece of evidence? Edmonton. Over the last few years, Mike Reilly threw the ball EVERYWHERE. Plenty of long passes, intermediate passes, short passes, and roll-outs. This year, with the same offensive-minded head coach, it’s dink and doink down the field. The common denominator? Tre Harris.

As for Sinopoli, your suggestion makes sense (and is a heartbreaker if true). Is Sinopoli’s lack of production a result of wrong-headed coaching? A lack of cohesion with whoever is behind center this year? Or has Sinopoli lost something? Even when targeted, he looks less than enthusiastic or productive. This guy was one of my favorite receivers last year. This year he looks like he’s wandering aimlessly around the field, arms extended, occasionally even moaning “brains” like an escapee from a George Romero film. (Okay, I might have made that last part up, but you know what I’m saying).

I’m hoping the Redblacks can find a quarterback in the offseason. Arbuckle will be available. I believe in Rick Campbell, and he will be a winner again once he fixes the pivot problem.

And as always, I’m hoping the stadium announcer comes down with severe laryngitis, because I absolutely hate that RRRRRRREEDDDBLAAAAAAAACKKKS nonsense. :wink:

Ver good points, Morris

Well, lets see what tonight’s football has in store for us.

I will add that for all the good things I’ve had to say about Trevor Harris, I’m not entirely sure that he was a natural leader plus I do believe he could be a bit emotional.

He was on the receiving end of some really ugly blind side hits and usually dragged himself back to his feet plus I think he was beginning to mature somewhat. I still can’t believe they let him, Powell, Rogers and Ellingson go.

Ditto. It made no sense to let that foursome leave. Left little to rebuild with beyond Sinopoli, and somehow he has been a ghost this season…occasional reports of his presence, but no statistical data to support the notion.

True that Edmonton has gained their wins against some of the weaker teams and they managed to lose to the Als in week 6 BUT Ottawa really doesn’t have a decent QB. They chose to put their eggs in the Dominique Davis basket (and Jon Jennings) and so far it really hasn’t been successful. Harris, whatever his faults may be, is still a better QB.

Had to laugh when I saw he was on pace for a career year in yards because so many of the “yards” that a QB gets credit for are YAC and really gained by the receiver! Given that Harris throw so many short passes guess it’s his receivers who will help him to have a “career year”.

As for who will win this one - I expect that the EE will take it but it might be a bit of a defensive battle.

Well this game is now underway. Have heard nothing about the weather delay in Montreal but given the league’s policy, have to assume that it has maybe been called - Ah just heard the Montreal game is officially over.

Now I have to check for lightning so I don’t get too invested in these games .

Lightning watch when are we going to stop playing in the heat of the summer . :wink:

Only the second game in modern history to be called … fog bowl the other

They played the next day didn’t they . I will have to look it up .

Yep they played the last 9 minutes on Sunday .

Half the crowd showed up for it .

They did … game was halted in the 4th

A grey cup game is different in the big picture … anyone know if these new rules also cover play off games ?

Since when does the CC randomly call penalties??

I wish they would abolish video review. It’s ruined far too many games.

Heard earlier that it’s cool and cloudy in Edmonton but there’s no threat of lightening. Game should be played in the normal amount of time.

But they played the next day to finish it up so they didn’t declare a winner like today . No scoring was done in those last 9 minutes .

I am thinking the lightning is a Summer problem maybe a Indian summer thing as well at the most they delayed a game in Ottawa for high winds in the early fall in 2014 but then played on after a short delay . Liability issue .

They played in a blizzard in the eastern final just two years ago .

You couldn’t see much at times from the stands but they played on after cleaning the field up so they could see the yard markers .

But because it was no threat to fans play on .

Thanks . :slight_smile: I need to watch they are leading .