GDT: RedBlacks @ Blue Bombers July 19th!

We’ve all seen the same phenomenon time and time again in other types of businesses. Success convinces management that they’re smart, as opposed to simply having been fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. That’s why so many successful companies attempt to diversify into other businesses and then get their fingers badly burnt. In the stock brokerage business there’s a wise old saying “Don’t confuse brains with a bull market.”

So RedBlacks management probably thought they could repeat the trick of assembling a winning team for the second time. Sorry fellows. It’s not that easy. And contrary to what you may think, you’re not geniuses.


I’m tired of those in-game interviews. The one with Mr. Ambrosie wasn’t too bad, but would have been better at halftime or when game action wasn’t going on.

Then some insane interview with a fighter who admitted he doesn’t even watch football. Why are these interviews going on during the game?

And don’t get me started on the insipid “sideline reports” that last for 3 or 4 plays, giving us tedious info that, again, would be better served during halftime. I’ve never been a fan of the pretty sideline reporters in the first place (male or female) wasting game time telling us about somebody’s parents or shoes or manicures. Then, when you NEED a sideline reporter to get updates on injuries…crickets.

I dunno…did you see Harris crater in against the Alouettes this weekend? I don’t see a lot of success in the Eskimos future if Trevor can’t throw for more than 3 yards at a clip. Horrible play calling and terrible pass execution. Maybe he was hurt, but he played poorly against a mediocre team.

I agree with you 100% on all points.

Why break up a football broadcast to give us a lengthy promo for MMA, in which I have zero interest, by interviewing some guy I’ve never heard of, while the play is going on ??

Sideline puffery is another waste of time; not only do they give us useless information, as you noted they are out to lunch on injuries, and they compound that by never, ever, telling us who is coming in to the game to replace the injured fellow.

And, yes, lose the split screen.

Well to be fair…St. Pierre is considered to be the greatest MMA fighter in history. He’s Canadian. MMA has a huge following ( not me however). So it’s reasonable to have him as a guest. But agreed they need to be careful. However the game was a lopsided dud with the result known long before St. Pierre was talked too. It’s not uncommon.