GDT: RedBlacks @ Blue Bombers July 19th!

OTTRB defense is keeping the BBs in check

Tonight certainly and the last two weeks as well shows the big time major gaffe made by manangement in first letting Harris go and then his buddy Ellingson walk at FA instead of resigning both.
Advantage Eskimos.

Can’t really argue with that. Davis had a couple of good games but they showed his true self. Jennings is unable to recapture the magic of that one good season in BC and has already been pulled tonight. D has played decently well but can’t continue to stop the BBs when they’re on the field most of the time.

Arndt is looking better than Jennings BUT BBs have a big lead and don’t have to be as aggressive and of course no one has film on him.

This is a freaking disaster. Is there a provision for surrender to avoid further humiliation?


Remember when Hank was saying “everybody’s talking about Hamilton but not giving Ottawa any respect”

Is that what ya call it? Much as I had hoped otherwise after their firstrwo games, it appears that the losses of key personnel have severely hurt this team.

Looks like it is going to be the Tabbys vs the Bombers in the 2019 Grey Cup

Over to you Tabbys.

Well I’m sure they’ll try to avoid the same fate - after all they went to sleep on the larks a couple of weeks ago :o- but the Ticats aren’t known - or haven’t been - for coming out strong after a bye week. Hope that changes next week. I’ll be at the game - should be a good one!

Yup, the past few seasons I had figured Harris to be just an average QB who was elevated by a strong supporting cast, but now it appears to be the other way around (although he still has Ellingson for support in Edmonton).

I was also pretty lukewarm on Nichols, lol.

Still not as bad as some of the losses that TO has had this season - lost by 50 to the Ticats! :-[ :-[

Harris is also in a offense that is suited to his skill set - ensuring he has success.

True, but the Redblacks’ play of late is giving me hope that the Argos might have a shot in at least two games this season.

That may well be the case, but it looks good on him to be able to pull it off on two different teams, while his former team is struggling.

The double blue has looked competitive enough in a couple of games - until they get too far behind so their best chance at a win or two will be against a division rival or two.

I thought finances weren’t particularly an issue with the new ownership in Ottawa, But deciding to let free agents go elsewhere and the way it was done in one case didn’t smack of a class organization.

Maybe their idea that they could pick up some quality players south of the border and continue on without missing a beat was a mistake that will present a losing season to go along with higher season ticket prices. Reminds me of the Sens.

It is early in the season still.

It certainly is curious how the RBs managed to lose Harris, as they had crafted a very good strategy on signing him and having him play under Hank for a year and then take over.( Idiot Argos should have done that as it was their player)
Rbs should have extended his contract at start of 2018.

Maybe management cheapened out as RBs have gone to 3 GC in a short amount of time and the rest of the East looks weak.

I attended Jennings’ first training camp scrimmage with the Lions. He was amazing. Spraying the ball all over the field. Dropping dimes. Taking his squad up and down the field. I don’t think I’ve seen a rookie QB that “pro-ready” before.

Then something happened. I don’t know what. But he lost his mojo. Self-confidence completely gone. If I’m not mistaken, Wally even got him a sport psychologist that he works with (Dr. Frank Lodato). Nada.

You can just hear it in the huddle, never mind his body language. He doesn’t command the huddle like a Reilly or BLM, or even his counterpart last night, Nichols. He just looks (and sounds) so unsure, it’s really quite remarkable how fragile he is. Now watch, when people have counted him out and with nothing on the line, he will play really well. It happened last year at home against the Ti-Cats in that miraculous comeback win in OT in which he was lights out. But when the pressure is on and fans are amped like in Winnipeg or Regina, he will fold like a deck chair.