GDT: RedBlacks @ Blue Bombers July 19th!

So will Jonathan Jennings be the answer at QB for the Ottawa RedBlacks? Will Brad Sinopoli finally pop onto the radar screen of the signal caller for the RedBlacks? Will John Crockett fill the RB slot better than did Mossis Madu?

Or will the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ Defence be plenty good enough again to stifle whoever the RedBlacks can throw against them? And will Matt Nichols continue to be his customary very efficient self at the helm of the Blue Bombers?

Stay tuned! Kickoff is tomorrow evening.

Well, the Bombers will lose a game eventually, but I doubt their first loss will be at home against a mediocre team.

The RB are a huge underdog, almost as bad as my Argos yesterday.
The only X factor being is if somehow Jennings stands on his head and has one of those games like he did with BC a couple of years back.
Since then he has been on a downhill spiral.

Jennings! Um, no.

Sinopoli…I wish I knew what was going on there. Did he say something ugly about Davis’ lady? Because Davis definitely doesn’t look for him.

While I don’t like the Redblacks, I am excited to see what Crockett can do. Liked him in the preseason. But if Ottawa falls behind early, Crockett will quickly become an afterthought.

Winnipeg will win this one, but it will be a better game than folks think, IMHO.

I seriously don’t think that Winnipeg is going to lose this one at home - we’ll let the tabbies beat them when they’re on the road in Hamilton next week! :wink: ;D

Ottawa’s win in Calgary week one was more of an anomaly than what is likely to be the norm. They might stay in it for a while but Winnipeg seems to be the most complete team and has been playing well so far.

Welcome to the punting contest for Friday night!! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

A slow start for the BB, even slower than anticipated from the RB.
Down by nearly 2 TD’s, there is nothing so far that suggest Jennings can engineer a win or make it a close game.

That’s one of the quickest sacks ever, and off a three man rush. And the forced fumble as well. Perhaps Ottawa needs to look at mixing up that o-line that’s reportedly the only unit that’s been together since the start of the season.

Make that nearly three TDs. Ottawa’s defence doesn’t seem to be helping there either.

Bombers running away with it now.

Agreed. I compare Jennings to Franklin. Both were highly touted when they were backups, but once starting, bust.

Agree that Jennings is unlikely to engineer a miraculous comeback.

BBs got over their first quarter warm up and are rolling now. OTTRBs look like they’re starting to gain a bit of traction on offense but they have a long way to go - although Crockett is doing a good job of running against a solid run D

Brutal game and the split screen TSN is doing is horrendous. If I want to watch on a small screen I’ll pull out my phone.

TSN needs to dump this idea fast.

Yes the split screen is annoying - don’t know why we need to see the defensive player for the other team who is miked up on his own corner of the screen. Would rather see all the action on the whole screen. Splitting the screen is more of a hindrance than a help.

Well, at least it’s better than what they did in the Ticats game, missing two complete plays while showing a Stamps player sitting on the bench in one case, and showing highlights of a bunch of retired QBs in their first starts in the other. (Might have made that second one easier to take if they’d included the best ever first start for a QB - Zuger’s record eight touchdown game.)

TSNs coverage has been brutal so far. Between the split screen and the wasted space top and bottom I end up watching the game on about 40% of my screen. That is of course when they haven’t missed a play to show a replay.

Winnipeg could probably do pretty much what they did last week against TO - take their foot off the gas and coast a bit with a four score lead to start the second half.

Rick Campbell is a master at talking and saying nothing! :smiley:

As long as the Bomber D dominates Ottawa this will be a dull 2nd half.

OTTRBs had some luck running the ball late in the first half - had more rushing than passing yards - but so far they can’t get out of the shadow of their own goal posts.

The current point spread will likely be worse than the same time last week against my sad sack Argos.