GDT: RedBlacks @ Argonauts October 26th!

Will Arndt will be the starting QB and Brendan Gillanders will once again start at RB for the Ottawa RedBlacks.

For the Argos Chandler Worthy will get another start at WR in place of the injured Derel Walker while A.J. Ouellette will get his first start at RB in place of James Worthy Jr.

The Toronto Argonauts are favoured by 5.5. Do you agree?


It’s the relegation game ;D

Don’t think that the OTTRBs will win another game this season. Guess we’ll see how much of a gap TO can create in the score. Might win by 6, might be less. Guess there’s even a possibility that the boatmen lose and sink a bit deeper into the murk! :o

Argos win BIG.

Well halfway through the 3rd quarter of the “Toilet Bowl” the boatmen are up by 20! Just scored another TD. Looks like your prediction is coming true! OTTRBs look dead int he water!

O’Connor is FINALLY in the game (early 4th) and he looks pretty good!
Nice to see the Canadian QB have a chance to show “his stuff” - and as I was typing “his stuff” included tossing a nice TD pass to Smith at the back of the end zone.

There is absolutely no way the team can sell MBT coming in next year to compete for a starter position.
Just like last year, the team has to go the FA route and unlike last year to appease what is left of the fan base and us season ticket holders we have to sign Masoli to be our “saviour”.
Bring Prokup and O’Connor only back to battle for either one or both spots.
MBT is done.

With all due respect there Argo T., if only the Redblacks had your problems. At least you “lost” the battle for the basement and can close out the season with some semblance of dignity, unlike us. Be grateful for what you have now.