GDT: Redblacks @ Argonauts October 11th!

So the RedBlacks are going with first time starter William Arndt at QB! And Brendan Gillanders is stepping in for injured Mossis Madu at RB. Will these changes make a real difference to the RedBlacks or will it be more of the same?

Can the Argos bounce back after the drubbing they took in Vancouver last week? Better yet will they show some character and bounce back after the drubbing they took in Vancouver last week?

We’ll soon see. The game’s early tomorrow evening.


Argos win by at least a million points.

Ill be there :slight_smile:

Damn that stupid crossover rule!

This game would have meaning for the run to the playoffs if there was no crossover.
The CFL has to get rid of that ridiculous rule.
It is causing fans of the eastern teams to lose interest.

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
(Yah, I couldn’t maintain a straight face after making that often-used absurd rant above.)

Somewhat agree but I can see the Wests case

I hate the crossover rule, and as an Argo fan, you can’t have teams getting in the playoffs with 5 or 6 wins. West can’t beat the East to make it to the Grey Cup anyway, so at least the tradition of the East vs West Grey Cup remains intact.

Best solution is to play good football and earn a playoff berth by finishing 3rd in your division.

Man, you move to Ottawa excited at the prospect of having two CFL teams to cheer for and this is what you end up with?!?

Oh well, hopefully Arndt can give Ottawa fans something to look forward to for next year.

And about the crossover . . . let’s eliminate it once we get a 5th East team and weight the sched so that teams play 12 inside their division and 6 outside. That way, each division should be able to seed three decent playoff teams.

Glad to hear. Need as many boosters as we can get…

Will that cover the spread though?


Yes! The ideal solution!

Thats how important getting that 10th team up at running. Two 5 team divisions.
The CFL , its sponsors, its TV rights provider , & the other franchises should all be doing there part.
Watever that may be

or make it a 17 game season so less complaining about starting too soon, or season going too long, and not have to play an extra game against the other division.

Not certain how that makes anything better … did you mean 16 games … 9 teams play everyone else twice?

But then some of us would be complaining that the season starts too late or ends too soon! :wink:

Can’t see any chance of a 17-game season considering that half the teams would have more road games than home games.

not that it matters, but I heard one person speculate that the NFL might go to 17 games.

just like when NFL teams play cross divisions or conference, they have uneven games with certain teams, at home or away, but over the years it balances out.

you play an extra away game one year, you get an extra home game the next.

Did I read the recap correctly?
Ottawa made two onside kicks and recovered BOTH of them?

Argos are pathetic, even when they win.

I bet the under on that

Get back to us when this happens, in either league.

Good call.

They couldn’t even muster a million yards, let alone points.