GDT: RedBlacks @ Alouettes August 2nd!

So will Dominique Davis bring some game back with him now that he’s returning to the lineup from the injury list for the game inMontréal tonight? Might the additional opportunity he’s had to study game film have revealed to him what a viable target Brad Sinopoli typically presents to any QB young or old?

Will Vernon Adams Jr. further solidify his position as the Als’ starting QB for the foreseeable future? Will William Stanback be ready and raring to rumble for yards after the Larks’ two week layoff?

The game’s tonight! Heat up some popcorn, reach for a cold one and settle back for a good one.

After Thursday’s Argo win, the universe is upside down. I don’t know WHAT to expect in tonight’s game, but I haven’t ruled out an alien space ship landing.

Lenkov’s stepping out of the saucer.

“We come in Peace”

Nanoo, nanoo!

Hi All,

Can’t help but think that ignoring Sinopoli has been the result of game planning by offensive co-ordinator and not a quarterback decision.

Why would that be? Well maybe because the coaches assume that the defensive team is keying on stopping Sinopoli with Ellingson gone… who knows. But it’s certainly backfired this far.

Should be an interesting game. Davis (or any other QB for that matter) needs enough time in the pocket to at least get set and those receivers have also dropped a fair number of his good passes. So like you have indicated, I guess we’ll see. But they do need this win badly to pull even with the Alouettes who are currently holding down second spot in the east.


I can see this game going either way. Montreal playing at home might have the slight edge but the OTTRBs, having lost to the larks not so long ago, will no doubt be wanting to upset them in their house. Not convinced with Davis yet but he’s probably better than what Jennings showed in the past couple of weeks.

Wow. ORBs had only 3:39 ToP in the 1st quarter.

Holy Cow Rick Campbell is getting fat. Such a nice looking fellow, why would he let himself go?

Well they don’t have a QB and any time they got the ball they promptly gave it back to the larks! ::slight_smile: And so far their defense has barely been able to stop a nosebleed. :-[
If not for the punt return TD by Dedmon, the OTTRBs wouldn’t even be on the scoreboard!

I say same thing to myself every time I look in a mirror :slight_smile:

Eating away his stress from trying to coach a team with no decent pivot? I think that the “free space on the bingo card” which belonged to the larks for the past few years, has been handed over to the OTTRBs - and the Argos - although they may have turned a corner last night. Not holding my breath on that one though.

Davis having issues, but I’d say a bunch of the passing issues are on the receivers. How many drops have they had?

x2 ;D ;D

Add BC to the free space.

Ah yes - I forgot about the Ticats next opponent. They should be able to beat the “beaten down” leos at home even if the leos are coming off a bye week.

Well Dedmon is the only scoring “device” apparently on the OTTRBs team tonight. If not for him, they’d be scoreless!

Devonte Dedmon 300 yards in a half of football :o

Redblacks up. Go figure.

What could go wrong?

Nice to see Gillanders getting some play.

And video review blows another call and ruins another game. The morons doing the video review are killing the game and making it unwatchable.

And a player (Adams) goes to the locker-room after a helmet-to-helmet hit but no penalty


Like I said, “What could go wrong.” Seriously, Ottawa may not win another game with this lineup in the skill positions. May be one of the worst examples of talent pain in league history as a result of refusing to pay their free agents. Allegedly they’re spending to the limit but tough to believe.

In this game, maybe next touchdown wins!

Crazy game tonight .