GDT=PSA @ Toronto (Varsity Stadium) TSN690 11am EST

Argos Primer:

Coach Sherman:

Shiny brand new stylized Position/Depth Chart

Correction: #69 Na’Ty Rogers is listed as a National should be listed as International.

Let’s play football B…

I highly doubt MLSE would make the Raptors or Leafs take the subway to games.


The better way will be the Argos’ way when the team makes the trek from York University to Varsity on Thursday morning.

Only in the CFL will a team have its players use the subway, which speaks to how human these guys are, by far the only athletes in pro sports to whom the normal working person can relate.

There’s a stop, Pioneer Village, within walking distance for players who will board the subway and get off at St. George, located right across the street from Varsity.

The plan is for players, who will leave in groups, to ride the rails beginning at 7:30 a.m.

The first quarter isn’t over yet and the Als have allowed over 200 yards passing.

I’m confused that the play-by-play box score shows a number of offensive players recording tackles on defense:

Maybe explains why Toronto is moving the ball at will.

Duplicate nos.

Cleveland = Strong
Robo = Wright
Ponchilia = King

Grand total of 51 yards passing (8/15) at the half. Pipkin, then Matthews, and Shiltz.
Looks like we will see Merchant and Richard later in the game.

According to the stats, Pipkin isn’t doing well. Might Mathews become the starter?

What is the chance Chapdelaine will let up ?


None of them are doing well and on Defense they are getting gutted, there has been six plays of over 40 yards through the air in a little over a half of football.

Start of the 2nd half and they have allowed 33 points.

And cue the comeback . Pick 6 and a 2 pt convert and it’s suddenly 37-20 with 12 minutes to go . :o
Pipkins can’t get the job done BUT some guy named Pippins can :D.

Sigh! Only in the CFL would we have a game at 11:00 AM - 11 f…$!%&* AM!!!

Even though it’s a pre-season game, things are not looking good. We’ll know a little more next week when some of the regulars get some reps.

Pre-season or not, you play to win, and of course, to impress whoever is in charge. Sheesh! What a bloody mess!

Agreed. Although, a lot of starters on defence didn’t play. You still have to be a little worried about the defence.

On offence, Pipkin didn’t do himself any favours. It looks a little like Mathews will be the opening day starter.

Whoever the starter ends up being, Johnny expects him to struggle. It’s gonna be a long season…

15 seconds left in the game. The Als’ QBs are a combined 16 for 34 and have thrown for less than 200 yards. Not good enough!

Right now you just can`t feel confident in any of the QBs with their accuracy.

I hate to say it but looking at things as an outsider it looks to me like the Als have at the moment 4 very mediocre 2nd string calibre QB’s on their roster at best with no clear cut certifiable number #1 pivot under centre . Let’s face it not one other club in the league would consider any of these 4 qbs as viable competent competition for the starters job on their respective teams .

Indeed it will be Johnny.