GDT: Ottawa vs. Montreal

Just watched TSN set a record for consecutive commercials (about 11 or 12 by my count) prior to handing off to Cuthbert/Suitor. Perhaps the feed wasn't ready - I don't know - and TSN as we all know doesn't say squat! Nice opening kickoff return by Jackson of the Redblacks!

Five minute drive ends with a FG. 3-0 Ottawa.

Nice long drive for Ottawa, but settle for 3.

Does anyone actually care about these...Coors Light Games?

Alcoholics might.

Nice pick by #31 but a bad hurdle jump. He ain't no Nik Lewis. lol


K. Glenn Pickens - starting off where he left off vs. Wpg. (A PICK)

although in fairness it appeared to bounce off hands of hobo filling in for Duron Carter

Tackle for a loss followed by a sack. Als D is here to play.

What is with all the field goals? :thdn:

Dear Commissioner :

No one comes or tunes in to see field goals.

Hmm. Could've been OPI. Guess Popp didn't wanna risk the timeout.

Kevin, time to start counting the penalties.

I think the AL's get underated on this site. Defence is pretty solid, good receiving core. Glenn has to play better but I wouldn't be surprised if they finish the season ahead of the Argo's.

And if so then the rule is serving it's purpose. Popp was one of the WORST for tossing a challenge flag in desperation! :roll:

Just out of bounds. Would've been a great TD catch.

No argument here. :thup:

FG. 6-1 Ott after one quarter.

Can't believe how intense and worked up that Thorpe gets - reminds me a bit of Cussin' Rich Stubler!

All the complaining. Do you even like football?

Battle of the kickers again - a bit like last night.