GDT: Ottawa @ Montreal


  1. Milt & Jockstrap flying solo on the desk, no Dunigan, no Big Chris

  2. Milt really trying to feisty up - transform himself into a top sports personality

  3. Milt & Jock both agree this is MUST GAME for Ottawa - totally disagree; its the East - 7 or 8 wins should get you into the playoffs

  4. 1,0000 Sobeys fiasco still going. Wonder who Sobeys hired to be the "Screw" if a 2nd kickoff is being returned? :cowboy:

Harris' receivers letting him down. Als turning the ball over and getting away with it....Twice

Some mindless ref calls a 'Sobey Special' on long Ellingson reception! Thnks for killing the game you mindless piece of rubbish ref! :cowboy:

Since when did Montreal hire Lyle Bauer & Mike Kelly as their discipline coaches???

If the dead head refs can't get the Durant lateral right they're all f'n vegetables. . . disgracing the game!!!

Jon Perlberg? @jonperlberg 17m17 minutes ago

Coach's Challenges this season:
@REDBLACKS 5/6 (83%)
Rest of #CFL 15/29 (52%)

Congrats NIK!

They're pretty much perfect. If memory serves they lost the 1 challenge on a last-rock no brainer (ie. hoping the refs screw up something fierce)

RBs seem to have a good sense of what the commandope centre will over-turn. Other teams throw too many anger challenges!

OTT fishing for a call now :roll:

My nickname for Lewis

Jack Thiklaus - hall of famer

Another great game. Ellingson PoG, for sure. That Ottawa d came up big agains't a Montreal offence that didn't give up. Just a totally entertaining game all the way. Huge win for the RBs.

Yeah! The penalties are an effin problem!

The Als couldn't stop Ottawa on a 2nd and long with over a minute left.