GDT: Ottawa @ BC

BC defense is above average because most teams have worser defenses in high scoring CFL. BC allows 25 points per game which is just a field goal behind Calgary's 22 average points allowed.

There's only one very professional CFL team that's fairly balanced between offense and defense.

Guys like Harris & Jenny can make sport of most CFL defenses which are top-loaded with transient ex-NFL hobos and too many non-certified Canadians.

Look at Winnipeg's "vaunted" defense, for instance! Vacancy signs abound in their secondary - front line is vastly under-powered and linebackers are mostly under-powered and under-sized. They over-performed first 60$ of season but they're rapidly running out of gas - that said only need one more W to certify cross-over.

Saskatchewan starting to round into form (way too late) but most of season their defense was handing out yardage like old bitties hand out cake at the school tea.

Edmonton was worse than awful - now finally tightening it up a tad. BC's vaunted D let Harris rack them up for mega-yards - only lost cuz Pushover Campbell no match for Wally B. Vile. Toronto & Montreal are lost causes - even worse than Winnipeg.

Yes, Toronto's defence has pretty much disintegrated as the season progressed.

I've been saying for years that Rich Boobler is a terrible DC and he's proven that once again this year in Toronto. Add in some clueless hacks like Kit Lathrop and JY Younger and it's obvious hat Argos are coach-less on defence.

I won't even mention how their LBs are the worst collection I've ever seen, how Hickman and Bryan Hall are just collecting paycheques and going through the motions, or how the secondary is now comprised of hobos, bobos and nobos.