GDT: Ottawa @ BC

Love those late Saturday evening games - interferes with Saturday Nite Live - featuring Alec Baldwin as Donny Trump, Kate McKinnon as Hilary - w/ The Weekend doing musical chores.

From my perspective - neither team winning really effects my bombers. Wpg. has to win another game to certify a playoff position - and the two teams they play (twice each) are Ottawa & BC.

Right now both are somewhat superior to Wpg.

BC, Edmonton & Calgary will fight it out for the western berth in the Grey Cup while Winnipeg needs to rally down the stretch to secure a wildcard (I really don't think the bombers are up to the task of winning 4 remaining games and challenging BC for 2nd in west)

If BC sacks the redblacks tonite - they'll finish 2nd in west to be sure. That means Edmonton has the choice of whether to play all-out and only snag 3rd in West or coast a bit and let Winnipeg be the 3rd place bambis in west. Cool choice.

Can't see Edmonton losing out - they hold the tie-break against Wpg. so perhaps both teams finish 9-9 and Wpg. gets sentenced to the crossover.

Must say - for the bombers they'll have a better chance toppling Hamilton or Ottawa (especially if Zach Collaros is nicked) than facing BC and/or Calgary.

Everyone go to bed? lol Decided to tune in tonight, just for the hell of it. Entertaining game so far. Nice back and forth. Not many penalties or challenges. Best game I've seen in months.

Neither team has a championship caliber defence.

Maybe not. Reminds me of the Atlanta-New Orleans game last week. Lots of fun explosive offence.

Uh Roh knocks Ottawa out of FG range.

Had to do it. lol

First half: All O.

Second half: All D.

Neither team has a championship caliber quarterback either.

Hate when they go to commercial and don't tell us what the flag was when they come back.

Surprised they didn't throw a flag on that tackle.

Took 15 minutes but the offences are opening up. But BC misses the PAT. Three point game. 33-30.

"Danger zone!" Cuthbert with the Archer reference.

Actually, he probably doesn't even know what Archer is. lol

Dang. Ottawa gives up a rouge to make it a 4 point deficit.

Nobody else besides Bighill and Elimimian can tackle?

Williams runs over half the field. RB first and goal.

Pass hits the post? Come on, man!

Well, i was hoping Ottawa would win to help my Eskimos, but it looks like BC will win. Good game.

Terrible mistake by the return man for Ottawa.

LOL at Trevor Harris - - nice way to close out the game.

Up until the last play, Harris played great.

Despite the loss the RB's are the best in the East.

They did look impressive against a very good D in BC.

I think the E Final will be Ott vs Cross.

Harris played great last season too - - up until Thanksgiving. Bottom line is that he couldn't deliver. Again.

Other than Bighill and Elimimian, this is not a good defence at all. Nowhere close to being a "very good" defence.