GDT: ORBs @ Ticats

It was an exciting game right outta the trenches but not a steller display of offensive skills. Couple of observations:

Harris' passing game is still lame in my opinion, although he did manage better this game than he has over the last few. And he seems to be oblivious to the fact that every player in the CFL is on to his hand-off to Powell play. To his credit, Harris looked better today than he has over the last several games. Maybe (I hope) he is making the agonizingly slow climb to live up to his potential.

Redblacks' offence, like their QB needs.......something. I dunno what. They did a good job of moving the ball down the field but hit a wall in the red zone. Indeed, field goals won the game for them but against a stronger team (as in any western division team) field goals alone don't cut it when your opposition is scoring TDs. Lucky for us, that the Tabby's were having the same problems.

A lot of folks are down on Masoli. He had an off night but from my perspective, he still looked pretty good on his passing plays. Not his fault that his receivers dropped balls and not his fault that he got sacked twice during the critical last seconds. Where was the offensive line? Takes a team to win.

I am happy that we won this one -- a win is a win -- but somehow it feels that it was two teams not living up to their respective potentials, duking it out with the winner being the ones that made the least number of mistakes. The Tabby's were a worthy opponent (disclosure: they are my number 2 team).

Now I can relax and watch the Stamps vs. the Riders on a stress-free high note!


That's fair. I agree, BOTH teams were off their games, tonight.

It's almost like...running green linemen and trading away veterans causes issues with pressure and sacks (of which Hamilton gave up 5).

Was wondering he same thing. No need for the short kick with so much time left on the clock

Time will tell, but you bring up a good point. It’s always been feast or famine with Masoli. He was looking like he was finally shaking that reputation at the very beginnings naming of the year but he’s reverted back to it the last few games.

Would Ha e been nice to go to Johnny Football tonight although with the play of the o-line tonight, not sure anyone would have made a difference

Masoli threw for 352 yards. Not too shabby. He seemed to be under pressure most of the time… Those O linemen you gave away to Mont. should help Johnny thrive. Hamilton would have won this game before THE trade !.. The problem was with penalties. Too damn many AND at crucial times. Westerman had two costly penalties(vuja de) and Chris Williams was almost non-existent, he looked slow. Banks was your only receiver. The wind was swirling and strong but it didn’t affect Ward, Ottawa’s kicker. He was the difference.

Dumb, dumb decision to kick the onside.

A very sloppy performance by both clubs.

Thanks again for the invite Kevy and Dan great meeting you finally .

Had a blast didn't even really pay attention to the game minus the last 2 minutes (won't get that time back, what a gong show lol)

Really?? On how many att/comp? Or Is that also including the incomplete passes too lol?

Until the end I don't remember him completing any big plays. I guess wide wr screen passes add up

Masoli may have thrown for over 300 yards again - but he fails when it matters most - the red zone - or close to it. ONE touchdown pass in over 3 games now and that only came in the last two minutes yesterday.

The last 3 plays sum up Masoli's play at key moments. 1st and 10 with 28 second left at the other team's 24. Off target to a wide open receiver on a rollout that likely would have gotten the ball down near the 10. Then he gets sacked twice without giving a receiver or the team a chance to win.

I don't care how many 300 yard games he has. He's failing when it really matters.

I can tell you if Manziel had not been traded before that game - by early in the 4th quarter after we had gone through the second and third quarters with about 80 yards of Cats total offence through those two quarters combined - hitting 12 consecutive quarters without a touchdown pass - we would have been chanting 'We want Johhny' in my section. Heck some fans were.

Again there were thousands of no-shows and thousands more had left by the time there was 3 minutes left in the game. There was likely only about 10,000 fans left in the stands to even see the only excitement of the game - the last two minutes. Not a good sign.

The chess match BEFORE the game was more exciting than the Ticats game itself. :wink:

Nice to see you too, buddy. Minus the fact that you ate half (?) my wings. :wink:

Really ?? ?? ?? WOW!

He must have thrown for 300 of those yards when I was talking to my friend after half time. That number shocks me.

The "Boo Birds" were out in force after the loss, yesterday. They were NOT pleased. Nor should they have been.

135 in the final 2 mins.

11 penalties for 157 yds. 5 sacks on Masoli. Dropped passes that really should have been caught. Constant pressure on Masoli...... I can't blame Masoli for any of this. He needs better protection. That's what I saw.

26-38, 1 int., 352 yds. Only 11 rush attempts for 31 yds.

The low rushes and the 5 sacks point to the O-line. Masoli was backpedaling a lot. That's why when he was sacked it was for a big loss.

He may have trouble in the red zone as Pat says but that is precisely when Ott would buckle down and come after Masoli. Again, I think the O-line is the problem.

THF is a great stadium. I really enjoyed myself in spite of the game. Hamilton knows how to entertain the fans compared to another new stadium very close by.