GDT: ORBs @ Ticats

First place in the East is riding on this one.

It is the first of three meetings between the two teams, but the other two games are a H-A in late October.

It is only the second East Divisional game of the season.

after losing two games to sask and with having the Manziel monkey off their back, I gotta believe that Ham will win, specially at home.

Perfect game time temperatures, slight chance of a shower at game time - but like almost all games at THF it will be the wind that may have the most impact on the game with wind gusts up to 35 km/hr.

I could see Masoli come out and play his best game with the new toys now that he has the monkey off his back.

But I have a feeling Ottawa is starting to figure things out.

Note to Trevor Harris:

The whole universe knows that you are going to hand off to Powell. Please Sir: find another running play.

Banks got called out for floppin'

When Rodent Black isn't the worst part of the televised presentation - you know you've got an awful thing going down . . . . .

Both red zones have been salted to prevent evil spirits from entering.

Yet, Masoli can soil Lew Ward's record-setting 7 field goal presentation with a 70+ yd drive in the last 39 ticks . . . .

Rodent Black says only 2 plays left - so there must be 3 or 4

...there were two

…I was shovelling landscaping rocks all day, looks like I didn’t miss much?

Unbelievably Masoli's incompetence made Rod 100% correct.

But 15 sec. is usually not 2 plays - if you know what you're doing and execute accordingly!

well, I overlooked missing Tolliver and Tasker because I expected the other receivers and backs to fill in. They didn't. I grossly underestimated the impact of getting rid of 2 OL because I figured they would not do that unless they felt they had adequate replacements. They didn't. Not Masoli's best game but he sure didn't have much help.

Yes of course and that's why Hamilton lost.....always excuses

REDBLACKS win and will probably move down in the Power Ranking. Ottawa is the Rodney Dangerfield of the CFL.

I don’t understand why Hamilton/June Jones went for the short kick,with 1:48 minutes remaining and the score 18-15 for Ottawa,particularly the game their defence was having. They lost the short kick and Ottawa got the ball at Hamilton 51 and went on to have a field goal,for 21-15 lead. Hamilton had to score a TD and they failed.

Had they kick the ball Ottawa could have been around their 35. June Jones was too greedy and he lost.


Correction , June Jones is not too greedy he is just too stupid (for the 3rd week in a row). :-[

Went to the game with a couple posters from this forum. We had fun. :slight_smile:

What a dog of a game. Masoli was awful. The offense, other than Speedy B, was non existent - and Ottawa wasn't much better. The team could not even get off a Hail Mary - and they tried twice. Shameful.

There was enough time for 2 Hail Mary's at the end and the ball never go out of the backfield.

I fear we will regret getting rid of Johnny Football because Masoli is turning back into a pumpkin.