GDT: ORBs @ Stamps

Another early season classic between these two?

hmm, I know I voted so that means you didn’t :slight_smile:

What does it mean when someone doesn’t vote in their own poll :slight_smile:

I will be cheering for OTT but don’t think they have much of a chance.

I like to let a few others vote first for the sake of anonymity.

what, you ashamed of your vote? :slight_smile:

I don’t think this is a fair game.

The Stamps should let the Redblacks apply the 16 points from last year’s Grey Cup to tonight’s game, just to keep it watchable. Or tie one of BLM’s arms behind his back. (Maybe the left one for the first quarter, then switch to the right one once Calgary is up by more than two touchdowns).

Sorry, this might be Trolling. Or maybe my fervor for the Stampeders has gone too far…:wink:

Good call Morris!!

REDBLACKS 24 CALGARY 21, Just a feeling I got,

Oh oh, Ottawa’s favourite referee is officiating the game. Kim (s)Murphy! Will we get him for 8 out of 18 games again this season. I hope not.

Impressive drive by Ottawa

Keep dreaming!! Calgary’s already up to 21 and they’re not far into the second quarter. No way will they keep the horses off the score board for more than a half. Aside from one good drive, the OTTRBs are being “Stampeded”! :wink: :smiley:

Ain’t that the truth.

Didn’t get in here to vote before the game but my vote would have gone to Calgary. They virtually NEVER lose at home - especially to the east!

21-14 Game on!

Pretty good first half of football

Always more entertaining when there’s some scoring and it’s not solely a defensive fight .

Ottawa is running the ball well. Guess Calgary does miss Thurman, Davis, & Johnson from their front 7

Looks like the horses need to “giddyup”! They’ve been losing their lead.

Just wish we had some better receivers. I mean, you know, ones that don’t live on the Injured Reserve list.

Are they hold overs from last season? I know that the Stamps and Ticats both had receivers going down like flies and were digging to find enough talent to fill their needs by the end of the season.

And then again you can just let your D score for you! :slight_smile: