GDT: ORBs @ Stamps

A rematch of the 2016 Grey Cup, eh?

These two teams have played each other to a tie each of the last two regular seasons.

Both teams are undefeated so far in 2018, and each is in sole possession of first place within their division.

On top of all that, they will square off again in two weeks.

one thing is for sure, Calgary has the horses to run away with this thing.

I think Calgary wins it, but it is going to be a slug fest!

Technically Ottawa is only tied for first place. :wink:

The Stamps by 14 in this one.

The REDBLACKS must feel like the Rodney Dangerfield of the CFL, no respect,

So far neither team is gaining much traction offensively. Calgary just got a FD on a fake punt

It feels a lot like the week one contest between Calgary and Hamilton.

Definitely a defensive battle through the first with only 49 yards of Offense for each team. 3-0 looks like a baseball score! BLM overthrowing his receivers again

OTTRB defenders dropping like flies tonight! BLM might finally get his team on the board after an intercepted tipped ball gives them excellent FP.

That looked like a terrible pass by Mitchell on the interception.

Disappointed with the crowd and the play.

Both QB's are having bad games.

Seems like an average crowd — Brodie Lawson just called it "awesome" — but they seem kinda quiet, though not surprisingly so given the score.

We may see our first single digits game of the season. Hats off to the defences.

Crowd looks thin to me but it might be my NEW fancy, smancy glasses. :wink:

Messy game when nothing else is on T.V. Too bad because a good game would have been a nice Thursday night showcase.

Or is it just that the defenses are having their way in this one? Horses with favourable FP after that sack on Harris so could put more points on the board - if they can stop shooting themselves in the foot with penalties.

Nice to see movie ads during the game - suggests a younger audience.

I agree. Calgary should be well ahead but keep hurting themselves.

Ottawa looks outmatched.

They mentioned it was cool and now it appears to be raining so that certainly puts a "damper" on things.

Flags continue to fly in this one too.

You were saying?? OTTRBs in scoring position after a HUGE bomb tossed from Harris to Ellingson and a romp by Powell. Maybe I put the wrong RB on my fantasy team this week?

Spencer practically upended on that TD try. Campbell tries to go for the major and fails. Should have taken the "sure" FG to tie.