GDT: ORBs @ Bombers

These two teams won’t play each other again until October.

OTTRBs not getting much love - or faith that they can win this one. But then I expect the BBs to take this one and keep the OTTRBs within striking distance of my tabbies. :slight_smile:

Thoughts about tonite’s game:

  1. Don’t expect Nichols to go crazy and break out of his “Meek Matt” persona - 50%+ and 175 to 240 yds passing about all we can expect of the meek one. Tough Ott D will make life miserable for MM - bombers can still win if he’s in the 220 to 240 range - not 175 to 200.

  2. Should be 25,000+ in the stands announced - although you never know when Miller can go “Trump” and announce 29,000.

  3. Lankford will show us his “Clankford” persona - failing to connect with Nichols on a couple key passes - doesn’t have the balance or moves to establish superior yac yards.

  4. If one team can win by more than 18 (3 scores) its OTT. Winnipeg wins - either a late short to medium FG by Medlock or a nail-bitin’ 5 or 6 pt. defensive stand!

Not convinced that the OTTRBs are better than - or maybe even quite as good - as the 'Peggers. Harris can be too inconsistent. Put up PILES of yards against the larks last week but barely beat Johnny and friends. Needed a last second scoring drive to beat a bad team! 'Peggers can own them on D

What time is it support to start?

Finally found it on TSN3. ::slight_smile:

WOW - Rotten Roddy (Black) is in full rot-mode tonite. Went 3 or 4 plays in before Suitor (he drew the short straw tonite) had to actually butt in to Black, who was intoxicated by his own personal rhetoric!

Thats the Black we all know & loathe!

Little League Baseball is prempting the game on TSN. Don’t get TSN 3/5 so will miss the first half…thanks TSN! &&@#^^£€!!

You should write / email TSN and complain.

Dang. That was a fumble.

Sunshine Sara Orlesky finally gets her job back from Awesome Brodie Lawson as Thursday nite football comes to a quick end.

I love Lawson but Sara is a great plan B. Especially on home turf!

Ridiculous that it isn’t on the full TSN network because some - like TSN 3/5 are only available in some areas. In our area it’s TSN 4. could only find the pregame on TSN 3. Nascar and darts were being shown on some of the TSN stations here! ::slight_smile:

Talks about Winnipeg gaining steam as they announce a holding call. ::slight_smile:

THe counter-intuitive Mountain Man (O’Shea) tosses out a rare 1st quarter challenge rag on a pass route of perhaps 10 yds. Really?

Yup seemed a bit early for the challenge and all for nothing.

And an official goes down on that play too! And NO flag on the play for that hit?? :smiley: :wink:

Even the skies around the 'Peg looked a bit hazy from the fires in BC - obviously not as bad as in Alberta.

Looks like a pretty full house - certainly a loud one! OTTRBs poised to score again in spite of it.

Bloody Espn+ >:(

BBs doing their best Ticats imitation - taking bad penalties at inopportune times to aid the cause of their opponents! :frowning: