GDT: ORBs @ Argos

I couldn't believe it, there is Sanoppoli catching the ball with 5 Argo dbs surrounding him each watching the other.

Could they invest in a tarp and do it right .

That looks terrible .

Maybe tarp the upper on the other side as well it looks like 8500 to 9000 tops tonight .

Black it out locally until they get 17 to 18 again then sell the steak with the sizzle .

How do you convince people at home with that advertisement tonight ? The negative exposure is working against you at this point .

Why are their receivers so wide open? I don't get it, basic school yard coverage folks.

Blacking out the game is NOT the answer! Been there done that and it hurt the league.

Picked up one one DPI and now they're giving them LOTS of space.

And now your returner has given up another TD by trying to field a ball too close to the end zone!
Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot!

Wow another Jackson blunder costs us 7.

When he's good he's VERY good but that was one ball he should have let go.

Dumb move by Williams there - didn't need to hit MBT - but I'm sure TO will take all the free yardage they can get!

Again I don't get it, the unbelievable and no imagination for the 2nd and especially 3rd and short, everything up the middle?
Where are the swings, the counters, crossers, screens?
Where is the OC.

he is out looking for fans

Condell is good but who is actually calling the plays - Condell or Trestman?

TO has to stop coughing up the ball. That's been their biggest downfall so far - that and giving the OTTRB receivers too much cushion.

OTTRBs have more points in a half than they had in the whole game last week and haven't even kicked a FG yet!

Marc Trestman soiling his once fine reputation as a very good OC and decent head coach. Guess he's only as good as having a top QB doing his bidding. . . . . but right now Trestman would rather be an NFL ball-boy than coaching this group of mopes . . . .

Thought James Wilder was better than that, squeezing the football with no vicious contact whatsoever!!!

Wise move by TSN foreheads tonite - not burning Awesome Brodie Lawson on the lead game - - - - where there's only a handful of jurors in the box.

She'll be unleashed in front of 30,000+ solid in Edmonton - working her magic in the stands and letting her personality be the backdrop for an expected drizzly Rod Black broadcast!

Then you add bad clock management.

I am starting to wonder if he has lost it?

Proof that Wilder should NEVER have won ROTY last season or even been the eastern nominee based on a handful of game - 10 at the most.
Meanwhile DB Leonard played well for ALL 18 games and is still playing well on D this year. A much more deserving candidate got overlooked.

She was with the band in the end zone tonight in Toronto .

Thats when they had fans in the stands Tfan72 . This is a complete different kettle of fish from those days in terms of numbers .

This works against you when you are at this level of support locally .

They are the only team I would do it with until they get a modest 17 to 18 on a consistent basis .

This type of exposure is a negative for your appeal to attend in person . Would you go to a restaurant or bar that's empty all the time .

If you want to see this team the Argo fans locally need to attend in person or there won't be a team .

MLSE or not this is not a product with any advertisement value tonight to anyone locally and since TSN has gone regional it's time has come to pull the plug until they get the numbers up .

There aren't any really "social" areas at BMO that I'm aware of like the Stipley in Hamilton or the Rum Hut at IGF or even the Biergarten in Montreal.

B-T just throw a nice TD pass, so there is hope.

We have to get the QB to roll out of the pocket instead of being a pylon drop back passer.