GDT: ORBs @ Argos

A battle between the last two Grey Cup champs.

They won't play each other again until the final week of the season.

FWIW, Ottawa won the preseason game 32-17

Just hope they have at least 11,000( and that's disgusting)...but I predict 9,000

I can see 11,000 if people from ottawa drive down

I'm sure alot would......I live in Brampton and I have season tickets to REDBLACK games ..I drive to Ottawa the day of and come back the next day..very loyal fan

One month ago, I would have hedged my answer but after seeing the last few Argos games, my money is with the Redblacks; as weak as their offense seems to be.

Wow, that's impressive!

I assume that you will be making the much shorter drive to attend tonight's game?

I would have gone to the game had it not been on a Thursday night. Have to work at 7am and it’s a 2.5hr drive from Kingston. Did it twice for games in Ottawa (season ticket holder for REDBLACKS since day 1), but paid for it the next day. Wish I could go.

Expect that the OTTRBs will take this one even though it would be more advantageous for my Ticats for them to lose. TO defense is NOT Ticat D which managed to keep Harris out of the end zone last week.

And my point is made with the OTTRBs drawing first blood on about three plays!

Rather tiny jury pool tonite - see if the judge can whittle it down to 12 good men (or women) - - - - but right now - under 10,000 abiding by their summons for jury duty!!! lol

Half the city starts to head north for the weekend by Thursday night! ;D
Partial shot behind the players bench shows a few more faithful

I’m not knocking Argo fans - its gonna be a long road to trudge, getting out 15,000 to 18,000 on a consistent basis.

Unique broadcast pairing tonite - Rod Smith in the booth w/ Glen Suitor

Don’t know if those two have ever worked together? Anyone know?

Both guys seem very wary of each other - as Smith never takes as much crap as other pbp guys . . . .

Suitor knows he can’t walk over Rod like he does with timid Chris Cuthbert . . .

Any game without Rod Black on the stick - is a super bonus to me!

Looked at ticketmaster and you maybe right. Bench side looked almost sold-out and far side on tv was about 3/4 not available.

I think you're right about Suitor and Smith. Smith of course has been doing the Thursday night games since Kate Beirness has been hosting the panel but up to now he's been paired with Cuthbert. Suitor is apparently doing both eastern games this week. Heard him interviewed and he mentioned he's doing the Hamilton - Montreal game tomorrow night.

Another horrible start tonight in front of family and friends.
Our pass coverage is horrid and the offense is offensive as so far B-T has made no difference.

They just showed a shot behind the players and it looks reasonably full. I heard Mike Hogan who does the games for TSN radio (and is with the Argos in some media capacity) say that they were working with TSN to get them to show shots of the crowd behind the players benches rather than showing the stands opposite the players.

Thank Jackson for putting you almost on the goal line to score.

What do you know a bit of a spark.

The D (much to my surprise) managed to keep the OTTRBs pinned deep giving them almost instant FP on the punt even without the good return.
On the other hand they are giving receivers a TON of room to catch the ball and gain YAC before being tackled.

After 1st quarter stats are 187yds vs 39yds, that's all we need to know.

sinopoli is yacking

fav Canadian, second fav overall.