GDT: ORBs @ Als

It's the first East Division game of the CFL season. Montreal is coming off of a huge win, whereas Ottawa is trying to bounce back after a disappointing loss.

It is also the first of three meetings between these two teams, all before Labour Day, and the only one that will be played in Quebec.

FWIW Ottawa beat Montreal by 20 in the preseason, but it was at home.

All of a sudden this game is huge.

The winner will have four points, tied atop the East Division standings with the Ticats.

I'm all for these live mics - anything that keeps Rod Black from opening his own live microphone!

Rotten Roddy having a devil of a time allowing the new innovation - preventing him from blathering on . . . .

They should probably live mic up one fan every game, too. Just NOT Sheldon from Regina. Couldn't be any worse than Black hunkering down and spewing rubbish!

Have to say that Matthews and the larks look better than expected in their opening drive and (gasp!) scored a TD to take a 1 point lead! :wink:

Seriously I always liked Matthews but just didn't find him too effective.

Right now, Matthews seems to be more effective than Willy.

Love the old pic.

Montreal Concorde

And the Rough Riders? Didn't watch much football back then but I'm assuming it's NOT the Renegades, Don't think I ever saw them! Probably didn't miss anything either from what I've heard.

Matthews did show promise but probably got thrown into the fray too soon (in his rookie year) in Hamilton on the strength of one good preseason game. Good for him if he can succeed with another team but I know he didn't look good in TO last year. Maybe the Montreal offense is more suited to his skill set.

I remember another ex Cat QB who turned his career around when he got picked up by the ALS.

Yes Rough Riders.
And the Concordes were brutal.

But… were the Concordes better than the Renegades?

Sure hope the Redblacks get their act together soon. They may be ahead by one point but they are struggling against a not-so-good team even to get first down yardage. This is not looking good at all.

Total agree. I turned the radio on as I muted my TV now.
Black is still bad but mic-on is brutal, totally takes away from the flow of game.

I'm lost on this one. Totally bad and stupid. No wonder attendance and viewer numbers are lower.
We have 12 guests over to watch the game. They are laughing at mic-on. Minor league!!
That hurts me. Big follower for a few years, this is embarrassing.

LOL!! He had a QB to mentor him though and I don't see that there for Matthews. I certainly wouldn't say Willy would be a good example or mentor! ::slight_smile:

I thought it looked like the larks defense was starting to get their act together a bit in the game last week against the green Riders. Considering all the money they spent on defensive free agents they should be getting better. ::slight_smile:

Harris does seem to be a bit off on some of his passes but they seem to be moving the ball again.

And there's your second TD of the night!

Montreal Concordes were from 1982-1985

  1. 2-14
  2. 5-10-1
  3. 6-9-1
  4. 8-8

Rough Riders

  1. 5-11
  2. 8-8
  3. 4-12
  4. 7-9

Agree with you there.