GDT: Montreal vs Saskatchewan

Not expecting a win but let's hope Crompton can keep up.
Yes game is tomorrow Richard.

I don't expect a win either but hoping to be pleasantly surprised, of course. OTOH, a loss, even if it destroys our playoff chances, might actually force this idiotic collective of individuals known as the Alouettes franchise to sit Jugs and reacquaint themselves with Cato Fever...

Als play two games in four days. They've made their bed with Crompton... NOW they live or die by their decision.

Indeed, and if they "die" there will be consequences! (tm Kavis Reed Productions) :smiley:

If missing the playoffs is what it takes for this organization to get its head out of its collective a$$, then so be it.

Quite agree it's one of those greater good type things. Crompton is not the type of QB that will lead a team to great things at best he's only ever going to be good enough not to blow strong games by the defense and special teams

Johnny usually has a “gameday buzz” the day of games. Knowing that Crompton will start, Johnny has no buzz today. It’s more of a gameday urge to vomit…

I'm doing my seasonal wardrobe swap. Going to put the game on RDS in the background.

That sounds almost as exciting as the thought of Crompton managing an offence.

I'll just hope for a win, and try to avoid the QB controversy. After all, if it's racist to play Crompton over Cato, then it would by the same token be anti-Semitic to play Cato over Crompton. So I'll avoid being accused of either.

Memo to Sam Giguere; if you can't catch it, knock it down, not up.

. . . and Chip Cox beaten in pass coverage yet again.

Memo to Thorpe: Quit dropping Cox back into pass coverage man on man; he can't handle it anymore.

Receivers are free, Crompton has no consistency.

Agreed; too many throws behind the receiver.

Compare that to the pinpoint accuracy on Kevin Glenn's TD pass.

And you couldn't cover that one better than did White. . .

Caught the beginning of the game on TSN (I went to the kitchen and by the time I had cleaned up after an early dinner the game was under way) and have now switched to RDS after FF to catch up.

TSN crew making apologies for Crompton that "veteran receivers" should be able to turn into Gumby and twist their bodies 270 degrees to get both hands on errant passes.

JC not making JP look good.

Just threw a screen pass bahind a well covered Rutley. :roll:

Didn't think I'd be saying this. . .

Jacques Chapdelaine's play calling is shredding Noel Thorpe's defence.

Why do I get the feeling that Popp will give JC a long leash....sigh!!

Wish Messam has his head where it is now when he was an Alouette.

12-1 Riders in the first quarter

If Thorpe doesn't figure this out but quick this is going to get darn ugly regardless of who we have playing QB.

This post-field goal series is it for me.