GDT: Lions @ Tiger-Cats August 10th!

It’s worth while saying how ST coach Jeff Reinbold is unbelievable.
Another return, plus that call on the pooch kick recovered.
Some other team should give him another chance at a HC position.

Ha Would have loved it when they ran the kick back and then someone announced you will have to take cover lighting is coming .

60 minutes later sorry folks we won’t be able to get that last minute of game time in
Lions win .

Ha ha no did the Yankees win then it would be a great game . LOL .

No, Yanko’s lost, the kindergarten kids won! Again!! It was hilarious! Hahahahaha < like that ;D

Afterwards the Jays were burped and put to bed sucking on their bubba’s.

Plus one called back, plus another to set up the game winning TD.

He’s a superstar ST coach for sure.

The Cats tried him at DC and he was pathetic. But he is great at STC.

Good analogy . ;D Lots of pop for a small drop compared to Yanks and Sox .

Wild comeback … but flagrant hold & block-from-rear on the PR that setup the win … typical CFL refs