GDT: Lions @ Tiger-Cats August 10th!

So will the British Columbia Lions’ brain trust have used the bye week to determine what ails the Lions? And more important have corrective measures been taken? Might we see Ryan Lankford step onto the field at WR?

Can Dane Evans demonstrate that he’s a CFL caliber starter? Is Brandon Banks 100%? Will Cameron Marshall pick up where he left off in Saskatchewan before his career was so rudely interrupted by injuries? Can he make Ticat fans forget about Sean Thomas-Erlington?

We’ll see! The game’s tomorrow evening.


Hall of Fame Game .

Ready to watch the whole thing .

Sunny so far looking good .

Rod is well rested and Duanes awake lets get this thing started .

Glad they didn’t have to stay up too late last night in Montreal .

TD Cats . Quickly on the board .

Wow, opening drive way too easy for the Cats.
Evans very comfortable in the pocket showing off a good arm and also the wheels.

Cat fight!

Love the uniform combos tonight much easier on the eyes .

Claybrooks hat looks almost straight whats going on .

Whaat TD lions they even had protection .

Probably one of the worst tackle attempts after catch I have seen for awhile but hey you can’t have everything .

BC John White just went thru a massive Hole for a rushing TD .

Lions are playing completely different ball .

That was quick the Cats Williams just ran a return back for a TD thru a huge hole in ST .

Fast and Furious tonight .

How awesome, another return.
The year of the return.
This game is truly number 1 with excitement.

Here in the stands we are wondering what happrd to the lines? Specificallt yhe BC O-line is gangbusters while the usually reliable Cat D-line looks sleepy.

The BC Offence look hungry tonight . Cats D looks listless and complacent .

ST look pumped they should wake up the D with a bull horn .

HOF guys dressed in their most casual attire for this special day . :slight_smile:

Surprised nobody was in shorts and sandals wearing a baseball cap .

Great catch by Burnham .

What a great game for scoring .

Ernie Pitts son looks like Forrest Whitaker .

Good story would’ve still had him wear the jacket in honour of his father .

He could have kept it as a memento .

Reilly is back they like southern Ontario .

Those old Dewalt to Fernandez throws look so great now .

My thought is that this Evans is a pretty good back-up… doesn’t look out of place. Quick thinker too. Ti-Cats lucky to have him.

You guys all probably went to bed :slight_smile:

But I guess it’s … “Say goodnight, BC.”… time


And yet another blown lead late in the 4th. Way to roooaaaarrrrr, Lions.



Great game .

Great game, possibly so far the game of the year.
Thought maybe Hamilton left BC too much time on the clock with the quick TD.

“Great game” you guys, from a lifelong Lions fan POV it’s just another loss at this point. :frowning:

Great. Game. :-X ::slight_smile:

Great game lol

Catch the Jays game earlier? That was a pretty good game.

Well three out of four games this week were barn burners that came down to the last play of the game. The partial inMontréalreally destroyed the week’s average though…