GDT: Lions @ Roughriders July 20th!

That wasn’t even anything special from Hughes…that BC oline is terrible.

Defenses digging in here a little

I’m impressed they are monitoring eligible vs ineligible lol … the eye in the sky on the ball today

Methinks that BC is likely to give up the safety here to put Riders back in the lead - if they’re smart they will anyway.

Decent FP for the Riders if they can mount a drive here to gain more points.

Well so much for that thought!

He wasn’t an end; he was lined up in the backfield, a yard back of the line on the right side.

He was “one of their eligible receivers listed as ineligible”, something about “what we call a card [inaudible to me]”, and then something about the long snapper. Huh?

The only thing I can think of is that there’s a list given to the officials at the beginning of the game of eligible receivers who will play in ineligible positions on special team plays, and #27 was on that list. And that he didn’t report to the officials that he’d be playing in an eligible position on that play. What that has to do with the long snapper, I have no idea.

Hughes is embarrassing David Foucault. Absolutely no resistance getting to the Quarterback

it feels like my Riders are dominating this game, but we are only up by 1…I don’t like this.

Found it.

[b]RULE 4 - SCRIMMAGE SECTION 5 – PLAYER RESTRICTIONS Article 2 – Identification & Positions [/b] NOTE: Notwithstanding this article, a Team A player wearing an eligible receiver number may enter the game at an ineligible receiver position under the following three (3) circumstances: (a) On a third down play or, (b) On a convert attempt or, (c) On a first or second down kicking formation in the last minute of a quarter,

provided that prior to the game, Team A declared to the Referee a list of eligibly numbered players who may be so deployed and such eligibly numbered players shall not be eligible as pass receivers, regardless of the position occupied on that play.

At any time during the game, an eligibly numbered player may be added to the list by entering the field of play and reporting to the Referee.

Someone forgot to remind him that he needed to report to the referee.

Lions are making some big plays - the kind that Reilly is known for. Yet the Rider D appears to be playing pretty well. They have kept them out of the end zone so far - aside from FGs and cold do it again here

Minimal contact there by Edem but enough to qualify as DPI, can’t pull on the jersey.

TD Leos. Now can Fajardo and friends respond - or maybe the don’t have to with that kick off return TD by Thiggy!

Thiggy doing Thiggy. Man, that looks familiar.

Doesn’t it? ;D

Reilly is NOT a happy camper! Have to wonder how happy that locker room is these days.

Illegal contact, but because the throw was to the receiver contacted, it’s upgraded to pass interference. But because it was originally illegal contact, it can’t be challenged.

Weird. Makes sense when I force my mind around it, but still weird.

can’t believe BC didn’t kneel down there.

Still an honorary Ticat in my mind. :smiley:

Game day Reilly is a grumpy man, but every two weeks when payday hits and he looks in his bank account there is a smile on his face…lol

Not sure why they even challenged the PI … 5 yards or 10 or point of contact it would have all resulted on first and goal on the 1 … weak penalty but grabbing the jersey will get you called every time

He didn’t challenge it because it wasn’t a call that could be challenged. Just saw a tweet from a player who thought it was a bad call because it was within 5 yards of the LoS.