GDT: Lions @ Roughriders July 20th!

So will Mike Reilly finally live up to the hype he brought with him to Lotus Land? Or did he leave it all behind in the frigid climes of northern Alberta? And how long will we have to wait before seeing Ryan Lankford come in for Duron Carter?

Can Cody Fajardo bounce back from the butt kicking he took from the Stampeders’ Defence two weeks ago? Or is he just another flash-in-the-pan incapable of demonstrating that his early performance was anything but beginners’ luck? Should perhaps Fajardo look to Naaman Roosevelt more often? And who’s this Emmanuel Arceneaux fellow? Can he do the job?

Stay tuned! The game’s tomorrow evening.


Wish Cody Fajardo good luck. Not a bad back up.

Lank-ford! Lank-ford! Lank-ford!

(Okay, I admit, I’d cheer for BC’s ball boy before I’d ever clap for Carter.)

Reilly gets sacked; what a surprise. What a swiss cheese O line the Lions have.

We’ll have to see how motivated DC is playing against his old team. Thought about putting him in my fantasy lineup - for about 2 seconds - but decided against it.

Reilly will be lucky to survive until Labour Day - let alone the whole season! They did move the ball enough to pick up a FG but as EE just showed - you can’t win with just FGs - at least not often!

Couple of BIG plays by Fajardo to Evans and 85 and the the Riders are in the end zone!

And Fajardo responds with a quick strike offence.

Reilly with a big play of his own to - GASP - CARTER!! :o :o :oTWICE!!

I’m no Carter fan but I thin the Rider player should have been flagged for UR on that OoB hit!

I’m a Rider fan and I agree. I like Marshall as a player, but his temper gets the best of him at times.

This has the makings - so far - of possibly being a high scoring game.

I’m sure that there’s not much love lost between DC and some of his former team mates!

The follow through on the tackle out of bounds should have been 15y

;D LOL Yeah it’s an issue alright. One of a few…

We have Elimimian and Arceneaux too! This looks like it could be a good game! You’re right though, I’m guessing of all the former players Carter would be the one to do the most trash talking. He’s got a young guy in Marshall that it might just effect. Hopefully not.

cody’s looking good and then we can’t convert on second and 1…aaarrggghhh

the officials trying to decide if that was legal…lol

why would the guy on the end be an ineligible receiver?

i think it will be a good game. BC at least seems to have some offense going and Fajardo appears to have found his mojo again. Just hope that they get Powell involved since i put him in my fantasy lineup and I need some points!

Have NO idea what that explanation about the ineligible receiver was all about! How could the same player be an eligible and ineligible receiver on the same play - at least that’s what it sounded like to me.