GDT: Lions @ RedBlacks September 21st!

The only real question here is whether the RedBlacks’ descent will continue? Can they at least temporarily stem the bleeding by finding a way to win their half of this home-and-home series?


It’s early but the OTTRBs are definitely looking better than they did last week so someone must have lit a fire under them! BC certainly not looking dominant like they did last week either. This game could be up for grabs but as I said it IS early in the game.

Jennings has forgotten that he doesn’t wear orange and white any more? Tried to toss that to a former team mate!

OTTRBs continue with the stagnant offense - BC managing to put some drives together to stay in front.

That field looks completely worn out .

So does the Redblacks team .

I was thinking the same things.

Compare this snooze fest to the earlier Als game of the year.

Yes I thought the field looked rather worn when I first started watching the game.
This game unfortunately is the one “dud” of the week. I’m pretty sure that unlike the earlier game today, THIS lead is safe! OTTRBs look really BAD! Doesn’t matter who is leading the attack - its’ pretty stagnant. Even Campbell is starting to look totally disinterested on the sidelines. NOT a good sign when the coach starts to look like he wishes he was somewhere else!

THAT was a good game - this one has a LONG way to go to get even close and I’m sure it won’t get there! Talk about going through the motions!

Feel sorry for Joe PaoPao .

Not his fault at all .

Like the guy and his character but his teams here associated with have been awful .

Ottawa looks to be the worst team in the league. Two terrible Qbs in Jennings and Davis that should probably by out of the league by next year. Neither is worthy of being a backup as there is no room for growth from either one. Davis a never-was and Jennings a one-year wonder.

Any Qb would look terrible on that team right now. Don’t cast them off just yet. Vernon Adams took four years to be what he is now in Montreal. BLM wasn’t an overnight sensation. Neither was Matt Nichols, Jeremy Masoli, or Trevor Harris. There is simply not enough all-around talent on that Ottawa team and for that you have to point the finger at the GM. Rick Campbell is also severely overrated as a coach IMO.

Desjardin certainly blew it thinking that Davis would be a decent QB and letting Harris walk! They look worse than they did in their first season. At least then no one expected them to be good but they were at least entertaining.

Mike Reilly out of the game?? Wonders never cease! Wouldn’t leave a game when he was getting pummeled almost to death but will turn this one over to O’Brien with half a quarter remaining.

Did he ever.
Harris and Ellingson to name a few.
If anyone has to walk the plank, it should be the GM Desjardins.

Much ado about nothing - sacking an OTTRB QB is hardly an accomplishment even if it is sack #100! A couple of those 100 sacks also gave Collaros his concussions.

Wonder what the attendance is like in Ottawa these days? They used tobe pretty much sold out or close but I doubt it’s anywhere near that this season- especially as the season gets closer to it’s painful close - for the OTTRBs that is.

Davis has been in the league for years and when he was given a shot on an excellent Bombers team, he blew it. There has been no improvement, he is simply not capable of playing at this level. No influx of talent for Ottawa will change his terrible play…he cannot progress through his reads.

Jennings has regressed as the league has figured him out after his 2016 season. Erratic thrower who has shown no progress in 4 seasons. He is done as a starter and possibly finished as a backup by 2020 as well.

It seems like the Redblacks get a little bit worse every week.

Agreed. I never onderstood the semi-hype on his free agency

Who thought it would be a good idea for the Lions and Redblacks to play a home and home set on consecutive weeks? They are not rivals and are thousands of km’s apart.

C’mon CFL schedule makers, you can do better than that.

…at the time the schedule was drafted, given that the RB’s were GC contenders last year and BC had the highest paid player in the league and high hopes of a mighty season it probably looked like an awesome back-to-back match-up…sometimes things look really good on paper only to end up sounding like the fart app on my phone…