GDT: Lions @ Eskimos October 12th!

Will the Lions’ resurgence continue on the field in Edmonton tomorrow?

Or will the Eskimos’ Defence once again rise to the occasion of Mike Reilly’s return and make his sojourn on the field at Commonwealth Stadium miserable? Can the Esks somehow recapture the mojo they had earlier this season despite the absence of Trevor Harris?


Last game these two played the Eskimos won 33-6. BC will likely need to win by at least 28 to have a shot at the playoffs with games now winding down in the regular season.

They played twice earlier in the season and EE won both those contests quite handily while pummeling Reilly into the ground. Much different situation this time around. BC can win but will have to have a better record than the EE to push them out of the playoffs and get in as the cross over team.

Rather expect BC could win this one given that EE haven’t been playing as well lately and the leos have stepped up their game since Reilly started getting enough protection to be able to take a breath and pass the ball.

NASTY hit by Willis (I think) #11 on Kilgore. Totally unnecessary and certainly not the first time he’s laid out a bad hit on a QB. Strange that he doesn’t get vilified though. ??? ::slight_smile:

Reilly just got crushed, gone to locker room. :o

Exactly the kind of hit they’re trying to outlaw. .but hey, whatevs…but ankle twisting?..that’s a 25 yard pentity and expulsion

As it should’ve been.

Yup looks like the “last QB still standing” just went down. One could argue that Fajardo has played all season and is still healthy since he only missed the first few plays of week one when Zach went down. Methinks that the leos slim chances of getting to the playoffs just went down the tubes but we’ll see.

Couldn’t understand why that hit on Kilgore wasn’t upgraded to a 25 yard penalty too. Maybe not expulsion - but then again it was Willis who has a rep for nasty hits so maybe he should have been tossed.

It wasJovan Santos-Knox that crushed Reilly

Willis is a Lion now

Because CFL officiating is inscrutable. That is why.

Referring to dirty hit on Kilgore.

That back up for BC better frigin send it tonight !!!

I wasn’t talking about the hit on Reilly but the earlier one on Kilgore. Didn’t think the one on Reilly was late - they were pretty much in his face when he released the ball. It was unfortunate the way he landed on that arm but I didn’t think it was a bad hit.

This season’s QB injuries have really shown the importance of having a quality back up. Some teams have them and some don’t. Of course the more they play the better they can be - Kilgore seems to be having a much better game tonight.

Oh, I misunderstood.
Apologies. :slight_smile:

TSN just confirmed Reilly out for the game, no surprise there

No problem. Need to be clearer in our commenting sometimes maybe or not make assumptions about which play someone is referring too. I assumed OMD meant the hit on Kilgore.

Yup heard that. That’s what it looked like to me - broken wrist or arm. Another one done for the season.

Bad call on PI.
Ball landed 3 yards out of bounds. It bounced on the other side of the ref that made the call, and he was out of bounds.