GDT: Lions @ Blue Bombers August 15th!

Well the British Columbia Lions almost got the job done in Hamilton last week. Almost. Can they persevere until the final whistle and get it done this week? Perhaps more importantly can Mike Reilly survive for a full sixty minutes on the Investors’ Group Field?

Will the Blue Bombers offence once again do just enough to get the victory? Or will Matt Nichols finally put paid to his many critics and lead many Blue Bomber forays into the opposition end zone?


This is the last Thursday night game of the season.

Tough place for Lions to get a win

Andrew Harris will tear them apart

Yes, Andrew Harris is simply a beast, you can tell the guy loves football so much, I’m sure he’d play basically with no pay, well ok that’s stretching it but I love watching that guy play the game.

Well, a few observations:

  1. Is it me, or are there more commercial breaks tonight than ever?

  2. BC’s defence needs a serious overhaul. I can’t believe the score is only 10-6 Winnipeg after that missed field goal just now. Defence is making it happen for Winnipeg.

Lemon was a great pick-up by BC, but they could use a number of new players including perhaps from down south.

  1. I’m watching via BT sport via one of the following game threads.

Not all are correctly labeled, and beware the ones listing Not Safe For Work (NSFW) if you are not watching with only adults in the room.

I’m catching the HD feed via BT Sport 2 as is from TSN3, and the picture is excellent.

Here’s the link to all the threads via Reddit:

Really? What a damn shame, for it’s only 15 August. I’m looking forward to some Sunday games though whenever those are coming.

I don’t care about NCAA college football any more for the sham it is anyway, so I’m good to go for Saturdays too after the Friday nights.

We’re sure starting to see some really good football now as teams gel.

Yeah, Ima miss the Thursday games, too. Mainly because the girlfriend makes me socialize on weekends :wink:

I’m gonna get used to watching games a day or two later. I just have to avoid the scores.

I’ve tried to like US college ball, honest I have, but the g/f went to Rice and I went to Carleton, and it’s very difficult to find those games anywhere.

you mean you are dating/married to a girl who don’t like to watch football :o

That was my first pre requisite :slight_smile:

tell her you are perfectly willing to socialize…with other football fans :slight_smile:

Ah don’t be so hard on her, she likes football, just not as much as I do, and she’s really sweet about it. There is nobody else I know around here who has ever watched a CFL game, so I’m pretty much on my own as far as that goes. I don’t mind watching the games delayed if necessary since there is zero chance I’ll learn the score by accident.

So, Thiadric Hansen from the Potsdam Royals forced that fumble Reilly self-recovered. It kind of seemed like the commentators were caught off guard and even surprised he was in the game. On top of that there was a commercial break shortly after, so there was no time to sort of focus on the new comer for short time with even a brief camera shot. Kind of a shame.

They just said it again. “Is that Thiadric Hansen again?”

Anyway, Hansen seems to be having a good game.

Do any teams have a Global Player that plays more than ST’s?

Indeed. That was the story of the game.


Diego kuhlmann is the 7th oline player on jumbo formation for the Als…

Ticats used a back up DL player (Valentin Gnahoua) last week who’s a global player. He did play teams but I might have gotten a snap or two on defense. Their other global player is a kicker - actually got into at least one game to kick a couple of FGs early in the season when they had a huge lead over TO. He might have kicked in the first Montreal game as well - not sure.

Had a problem with this site last night - kept getting errors showing up and the info that the site could not be accessed. Tried posting a time or two but it didn’t go through. Wondered if anyone else had a problem.

Yes it was clunky like right before the game and in the first half. Everything seems normal now.

Maybe its just me. But did anyone else think Devon Claybrooks looked befuddled and lost when ever the camera was on him.
Appeared to be completely out of his element.

Befuddled? He looks like that all the time… I can’t help but think BC may not win another game till he learns how to wear his cap properly. He looks like some punk selling dime bags on the corner. ;D

They have some chances when Toronto and maybe Montreal will visit the BC place lol

I’m not so sure about that…