GDT: Lions at Argos 7/6

Ok, I’ll start it again.

Who’s winning their first game Quick Pick:


Crowd size is a disgrace


Looks like there aremore players than spectators.

Lions, assuming the Boatmen OL isn’t fixed. Or DL. Or secondary.

Anyone else notice Reilly’s run where he fakes a hook slide, the Argos defender lets up, then Reilly continues running?!?

This is BS. I hope the next time Reilly runs, he gets lit up.

The Argos haven’t performed. I’m surprised anyone bought tickets after the last 2 games.
I am hesitant to even watch them on TV.

Family and friends only night promotion .

probably a few employees as well.

Last Ticketmaster map showed about 2 to 3k available. Was going to game tonight from Kingston but wasn’t feeling great today. Going to go to the next weekend game. Had tickets.?

Nice drive by Argos 3-0.

Well someone has to sell the popcorn and beer . ;D

Not sure about the weather in Tronna but we currently have heavy rain , thunder and lightning where I am just outside of the Hammer .

What town, bobo?

I’m expecting the lions to win, I mean both those teams aren’t playing well, but I feel like the lions are a little more organized and do have a better QB and possibly a better defense

I am surprised at how weak BC’s O-line is. I"ve always liked Chungh and Figueroa, so I don’t know what the problem is. . .

Stoney Creek .

I did pick the Lions but they sure don’t look as good as they did against Calgary. Lots of game left - only the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

Most of the spectators sit behind the players benches - same side as the cameras so any shots of the far side of the field (where the big Maple Leaf is) look terrible. They did a very quick shot of a section (probably behind the Argos bench) that showed a pretty packed area.

Toronto is playing much better especially on defense.

I lived and worked there for many years, 80s and 90s