GDT: Lions @ Als

From Percival molson stadium in Quebec. Pipkin vs. Lulay

Johnny Clipboard on the sidelines while real men combat the outcome of this game!

Also a week the bombers grateful not to be playing. They enjoy watching game film - and this weekend they don’t have to do what they so dread - ie. PLAY FOOTBALL

Quick start by Pipkin and the als - then suddenly Pipkin gets the shakes and serves up a Matt Nichols Special - only good pursuit by the Als prevents a Pick 6 - possible chance Johnny Clipboard gets into this event - otherwise the guy may as well wash thru the league.

Teams like Winnipeg could have all their QBs run over by a truck - and they wouldn’t touch Johnny with a 10 foot pole!

OMG - on only his 2nd play from scrimmage Travis Lulay is down after a semi-late hit by J Bowman (no penalty) . . . . his shoulder has been re-destroyed . . . . should be it for the year for Big Red. . . . darn - I kinda like the guy!

Tough to watch!

Busy finishing up some packing for a trip so missed the play - bad turn of events for Lulay - a very likable QB as you say. So far Jennings is getting the job done - leos up 10-0 - and Pipkin is having his issues from the little bit of game I’ve been able to watch so far.

Leos feasting so we might yet see “whiny Johnny”

Looks like Burnham and the Leos D were good choices for my fantasy lineup - so far anyway.

Larks trying to make it a close one but leos staring to take off with it again. Would like to say battle of the back ups but I guess Pipkin is for now the bona fide “starter” for the larks.

guess I “spoke” too soon as the larks block the FG and run it back for the TD to take a narrow lead. OUCH BC!!

Well Pipkin was fun while he lasted. I guess Manziel is starting the next game.

I think it would still be worth while for the Als to develop Antonio over the long term, he got too much upside.

Interception making it 25 - 14 for Leos with less than three mins. Eyes crossed

Raining in Montreal.

Pipkin comes down to earth big time in this one. Not good. Feel for the young man.

Johnny gets his chance next game I say.

Great game for Jennings and the Leos, huge win.

not so great for Jennings. 80 eff. low yards. too many bad throws.

D won this game

Good point but I’d say Jennings has the respect of the team to see the d come up big and provide support.

The Als will again play musical chairs at QB.
Any way you slice it, they have had no answer since AC days for that the most important position on the field.

Lulay is Buck Pierce 2.0

At least the the main forum game thread hasn’t been invaded by all the Manziel jockstrap sniffers…

Jennings is driving the bus from here on out and it’s gonna be a white knuckle ride for us Leo shut-ins. What did Lulay’s shoulder do in a past life to deserve this. Again!?

My question, after witnessing this lopsided (at least in the last quarter) ball game is this: how in the hell did the Redblacks lose to a team like Montreal a few weeks back?

Enquiring minds want to know.

And it looks like Pipkin is Rakeem Cato 2.0.

Promising career start that has gone south. :frowning:

At least JJ Jennings throws passes with authority (and often accuracy) and has a passel of very good to near-great receivers to work with.

He’s fleet of foot enough to compensate for a less than average (ie. weak) o-line but the combination of solid coaching (Wally is nearly done, I admit) and a decent defense, great kicking (Ty Long is a monster) gives them a distinct edge over the poorly coached and depth-challenged bombers who have to trudge along with Mope Nichols at the helm. Bombers managing to pull the wool over many of their fans with some smart talk-yap between games. Games are their kryptonite!

It's one freakin' game, the guy has too much upside to be abandoned. If they develop him, he can be a bona fide starter.

Did anyone notice after the second pick-six, they showed Manziel on the sideline and he appeared to be smiling? He was probably thinking “Guess I’m starting next week,” but to smile after a devastating play like that? Not cool.