GDT: Lions @ Alouettes September 6th!

Both teams coming off bye weeks. The Alouettes have really gotten it going; the Lions sadly not at all. Will things change?


Lions blow a 16 point lead in the last 8 minutes.
Cheerleaders set fire to Claybrook’s hat.

Montreal is not a good by-week team. These types of games haven’t been easy for any team all year. These games make me nervous. Maybe. A tornado or asteroid will
Stop the game in the third quarter.
Maybe I should have a beer and relax.

BC should be all fired up now that the Offensive Line will know how to block. According to Ed, Kelly Bates will be running a “blocking for dummies” course.
Maybe the real reason they’re not blocking very well is Mike Reilly hasn’t been taking them out for dinner.

B.C. Lions have won four straight at McGill, by something like 29-16, average.

BC has horribly under achieved this year and I doubt just a bye week is going to fix that. I’m taking the Al’s.

Als playing much better so far this season.

Last two seasons were a disaster.

Have a beer.



:slight_smile: Make it 2

This punt here is why BC has 1 win. You could’ve given up 1 and scrimmaged from the 30. Instead you allow Montreal an opportunity to punt and pin you inside the 10. Head scratcher

BC you are terrible, can you just do something right for a change?

Thank you :wink:

It is becoming more and more evident that Jarious Jackson should be the next coach to go. Who calls a draw play on 2nd and long deep in their end against the wind?

Fire all the coaches and that idiot GM

Lions just gave up a sack while Als in a prevent D. OY!

Duron Carter looks like he gives very little effort out there.

It’s kind of odd that Montreal has already used up their byes while Hamilton and Winnipeg still has 2 more.

Worst…O-line… Ever.
Critical play. 5 blocking 3.
Give up the sack.
Coaching change not the answer for this game.

That’s because he does not give much effort.

If he’s not the intended receiver he may as well head to the bench.

And sometimes even if he IS the intended receiver . . . what a fall-off in production for him over the past three seasons or so.