GDT: Leos @ Stamps

Lulu is a very accomplished QB but Wally isn't giving him that extra half to full second to run thru his read - a bit too harrassed but he's solid as all git-out and giving the league's undisputed #1 squad a total test tonite!!

Agreed. Lulu is the reason the Lions are still half-way in the game! Only way Calgary loses (somewhat unlikely) is if BLM goes into Grey Cup mode and starts panicking, pressing for receptions not there!

And unfortunately that "obscure" OC penalty (for kicking the ball) give Bo and friends a chance to keep the drive alive and add another 7 (or 8 )to their lead.

And if you think that OC penalty hasn't been called before - it has on a Hamilton player a few weeks ago. Don't remember the exact game but it seemed pretty ticky tacky to me then and it still does.

BC has really hurt themselves with penalties - can't give the horses an inch or they'll take a mile.

The point differential is nowhere near what I expected at this point in the game. The full figured lady hasn't sung yet. Alas..

A couple were actually deserved.

A couple, not all. I always assume flags are on BC.

what color is an idiot

answer: orange

Yup, that stupid penalty really hurt BC, you can't make dumb penalties like that and expect to beat a team like the Stamps.

The refs have to use better discretion late in a close game (BC down by 8 points). Instead of punting, that ticky tack call becomes 1st down leading to a Stamps touchdown. Player lightly tapped the ball with his foot to get it off the field. There was no intent to show up the Stampeders (according to the player). Should he have even left it up to the officials to decide? NO! It was dumb. But interest in the CFL is dying in its 3 largest markets. Do you really want to take the drama out of a potential comeback with a marginal call? Warn the guy. Something. There has to be an ounce of discretion about time, place, and intent.

It’s stuff like this that is really killing the league.

Agree fully . The refs (command centre too ) are really undermining the natural flow to some games and assisting in outcomes with questionable calls .

Just one of the many tiny cuts that bring the CFL down .

Just one of the many tiny cuts that bring the CFL down
You want to find a reason to bring the CFL or any league for that matter down in your mind, it's easy to do. Your comment reaks of just finding a reason to put the league down IMHO. Which is fine but I'll call a spade here as a spade.

I'm glad the refs called this penalty on Orange, it's kiddie behaviour and undisciplined and should be called every time, I have no use for that garbage childish behaviour in our game. Very unprofessional and I'm sure he won't be doing that again any time soon to potentially cost his team a victory. It's not like a dance in the endzone after a td. Kicking a ball after the whistle like that can cause injury when players are not suspecting and walking back to the huddle or sidelines and a dumb kick like that could result in the ball going up in the air and smacking a player in the face if he has taken his helmet off to get a breather or a player on the sideline.

No place for this stuff. Anyone who wants this type of behaviour in our game, well I just don't get that attitude to be honest. It needs to be discouraged from the get go and the best way to do that is to call a penalty as the ref rightfully did.

Interesting in the NFL:

In addition to the ways listed above, a defense can also be called for a delay of game penalty in a couple of other ways. If the defense fails to yield to ball over to officials in a timely manner after the play has ended they may be called for a delay of game. This includes a[url=]defensive player[/url]holding onto the ball for too long or smacking the ball out of the hands of an offensive player ...

Boo Hoo yet another cry because of the refs! Both teams got penalized in the game you want to review all the calls? I have seen players get penalized for throwing the ball near an opposing player big deal.

Good on the Lions olinemuch improved did not allow a sack against that Calgary defense. Lions played well they are going to be a team to watch to make a push for the playoffs.

I'll let the poster to whom this was directed defend himself, but I am assuming being a poster on a CFL fan forum that he wants the league to succeed like we all do, and is just pointing out what it frustrating to watch for most of us.

The second point, I'll assume you didn't see the play. Because if you did see "the kick," the ball was rolling at 3 mph. I don't even think it reached the sideline.

What about when a player scores a TD and hurls the football towards a back wall in the endzone near camera crews. That is 1000x more dangerous than this love tap.

Not saying the Lions would have won or even deserved to win (they didn't). But why do CFL referees continually put themselves in the picture at key moments in games? They LOOK for borderline stuff to call. Chris Cuthbert hated the call, Duane Forde didn't like it, Davis Sanchez spoke up against it, as did Mat Dunigan.

Me and the TSN news you know the host network they also believe it was nonsense
call so I guess TSN also wants to bring the league down .

You sound like your in your pompous mood today .

No need to assume that I want to take the league down . The league will do that on it's own it doesn't need anyone on a chat site to assist it .

That's a garbage and childish comment from you . I think Orange said it best you obviously didn't even watch the game or the kick to get that excited over nothing .

I watched the entire game for the most part buddy, get over your more than pompous attitude I have. TSN crew can think what they think, the behaviour of this by Orange was rinky dink and both you and me know it and so do the refs. This garbage stuff doesn't need to be in our game and good on them for calling it, it's unsportsmanlike, delay of game however you want to call it.

That's a garbage and childish comment from you
And you beat me on the childish stuff, that's for sure. If you want to see players go around kicking the ball after the play is over and not get a penalty, well that's about as childish an attitude I can see for the game of football. If the TSN panel thinks this way also, then they and you can go into the children playpen and cry all you want. Nothing to do with pompous, just reality my friend. But my guess you can't even figure that out.

Everything is something come game time and again, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Again, the refs are allowed to call this and sometimes they will sometimes they won't, just like any other league where there is a grey area with unsportsmanlike conduct or delay of game conduct.

Is what it is. It's discretionary, of course you do know that word and what it means I assume? Ok, that does sound a bit pompous I suppose, but warranted in this case. 8)

It's a terrible judgement call buddy , friend or whatever you like to use when addressing someone then insult them .

If your having a bad day just take a moment and take a breath and reply to the post without the emotional sanctimonious attitude over someone's opinion different than yours and leave the insults behind .

I can dial it up if you want ; if you keep the discourse at that level .

Buddy is an insult? That's a new to one for me, whatever. People I think I like I call buddy if I don't know them that well. My favourite cat I call him buddy from time to time even though that's not his name. When I don't like someone, I use different words.

Not having a bad day at all, what gives you that impression?

The bottom line is I think you want to put down the CFL with this call like it's because it's the mickey mouse CFL that this would be called and I don't like that. That's all. What you said.

[b]Just one of the many tiny cuts that bring the CFL down [/b].
Would you say that about any of the majors with such a discretionary call? I doubt it. Hey, you think because the CFL needs fans that they should not make such calls, at least that's what I think you are implying.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think I'm wrong in interpreting your attitude but I'm all ears...

You wrote what you wrote and just like a poem that we asked to interpret in English class, I'm just trying to interpret what you wrote. Is that some sort of a crime because in English class way back, that's what the teacher wanted us to do. You tell me. I don't see this as dialing it up at all but if that's how you want to think about, so be it. This isn't about winning or losing, it's about trying to figure out what you mean't in it's entirety with the line "Just one of the many tiny cuts that bring the CFL down."

bad call or not, the player is an idiot for not adhering to the rules. how hard is it to NOT kick the ball