GDT: Leos @ Stamps

This is the first of three games between these two CFL West teams.

They play again in October, and then again in the final week of the season.

FWIW BC took down Calgary in the preseason 36-23. In Alberta.

Their first two match ups during the regular season are also in Alberta.

So there is a decent chance that they will wind up playing each other five time (including preseason and postseason) with four of those games taking place on the Stamps home turf.

Wish I could say that I'm looking forward to it.

Any given, Saturday?

I understand why the CFL doesn't like Sunday games when pitted up vs. the NFL juggernaut - but why not have Sunday afternoon games until September (Labour Day) - after that they can retreat and let the NFL own Sundays?

Tonite - Ginger Lulay has to have a near perfect game; BL Mitchell an off nite for BC to eke out a narrow win.

Odds of that, given Calgary's injury situation = just over 48%

Yes managing a win against Calgary is no easy fest- especially on their home turf.

Looks like the horses receivers are untouchable too if you're a DB. I thought that flagged play was a decent defensive play.

Agreed. Good thinkin'

it was a little odd seeing the Lions in the lead. If only for a short time..

I'm watching this thing on pvr about 10 minutes behind the rest of you. Levi just threw a lonnng one that majored. Dammit.

So a similar defensive play by a Calgary DB on a BC receiver does NOT receive a flag which of course would have negated the interception! ??? ???

Well I'm not looking forward to that! ;D

...BCBoy you’re not going to like it that it’s 34-3 now...

Credit to BC for not letting the horses run wild over them and keeping them to a FG on that short field. Need to get better FP - and try to move the ball.

Jorden, yeah...

So much for pinning the horses deep - BLM is out there slinging it down the field.

HAha!! I've switched to live TV. You're probably right about the 34 -3... eventually. In the meantime hopefully the Blue Jays are adding one more win on their way to sweeping the Mariners. ;D

Yeah, it's ridiculous. When will some NFL team steel the guy away...……….. enough already. Really, had, enough.

The Lions are still putting up some fight against the red and white machine .

Great return by Van after the D forces a 2 and out. Good chance for BC to narrow the gap.

Lions knocking at the door.... annnd….. incomplete. O stays on the field. = Fruitless.

Looking great for BC if they get Jennings in the game.

WHY? He isn't going to b better than Lulay.

Looks like the goal post jumped out to knock down that pass - but FD gained and TD BC! Nice going!