GDT: Leos @ ORBs

BC avenged a humiliating loss with a big win last week.

Ottawa, on the other hand, is simply coming off of a humiliating loss.

Did the lions overcome the bombers last week because the bombers imploded?

Either way my $$ on the Lions in a close game. Lulay; Gotta let it riiiide..

Btw, after first thinking that it was kind of goofy, I'm starting to get used to "ORBs".
The only other nickname that might work is "Lumberjacks/Voyageurs" IMO.

Does the forecast in Ottawa call for the raining down of Booo's?

I like calling them the ALL CAPS.

Another great start for Ty Long. :cry:

You mean you didn't like my suggestion of OTTRBs? ;D :wink:

Game underway. I think I picked the OTTRBs - nor sure why as it would be more beneficial to my Ticats if the Leos won this one. I'm not quite sold on them yet though even with Travis back behind centre. I think I looked at this one as pretty much a coin toss.

Haven’t seen Wally get that mad at a player in a long time. Odell looked like a scolded child.

Not a BC fan but it would be a great story to see Lulay put together a nice season.

Just tuned in - of course had to be Rod Black bewildered by an incompletion and failing to correctly call it - instead,fixated on a non-collision between two BC defenders!

Rowdy Roddy is back 'in town! Gather thy children! lol

Well being the 13th man on the field drawing a flag and then wandering through the opposition bench (Campbell was yelling at him too) which is a REAL no-no (apparently it happened with a Rider player going through the Ticat bench last night because he had to get off the field quickly (didn't see it - just heard about it).

Looks like Odell just redeemed himself with that sack on Harris to get the OTTRBs off the field.

Certainly can't dislike Lulay regardless of his colours. One of the good ones!

Yeah he is. And his colors are fine thank you ;D

Beautiful throw, beautiful catch Ricky Collins.

Looks like I copied the wrong quote there on my comment about Lulay! :-[

Anyway I have no problem if Lulay leads his Leos to a W over the OTTRBs tonight - keeps them (Ottawa) on an even keel with my tabbies. The Ticats FINALLY get to play them as their first eastern opponent next weekend.

Hate that my first post is this one, but the referee, Kim Murphy, appears to be a strong fan of the Lions - either than or he can't stand Ottawa. Calls have been brutal. Just about any time a drive was about to end for BC, he would find a way to move them forward. Just bad. Calls are SEVEN TO ONE in favour of BC. Just embarrassing. Sorry.

And the Emmy goes to, Ty Long.

No I think Blind Kim Murphy is color blind - in addition to being totally blind!

Just anothermope out of Darwin's waiting room who shouldn't be anywhere near a CFL stadium.

Wow. Kim Murphy must be the worst referee I have seen in a long long time. Just awful and completely in the tank against Ottawa. Eight to one in calls? Against the most penalized team in the league?