GDT: Leos @ Esks

This is the first of three meetings between these two traditional West Division powers.

Lions always play well in Edmonton. 2 very mobile QBS. Slight edge to Edmonton.

Always good to get your @Edmonton games in before October.

McCallum wouldn't have missed that first FG attempt. From the 37? Good lord.

I said it last week , and i'll say it again...why is # 26 playing for the esks he is all mouth and no play!!!

Mike "Iron Man" Reilly fighting thru super-sore to keep his Esks in the match!

So far the Leos are beating up a bit on the EE! Not a whole lot of scoring thus far. Wonder how long the EE will continue to be GC favourites?

That Eskie pivot is going to have to put some serious majors on the board.

Wow, it looked like the Lions were going into half-time with a decent lead...that got erased pretty quick...

Just got the TD and 2 pt conversion to take the lead. JJ is marching down the field hoping to get within FG range I suspect to tie it up at the half.

Sounds like Ricky Ray is done for the year and probably will retire after this...Zach Collaros on 6 game injujried reserve list and Randy A. and the league means business about spearing with the 1 game suspension of Hebert from Ottawa...player health and safety is priority #1 and thats good. "Times they are a-changing..."

Punters who flop like Italian soccer players should be allowed to be hit for the rest of the game. The rule is there to protect them, and it makes a mockery of the sport and manhood itself when they fake a gunshot wound.

That's the truth!!

I really wish they would put in another QB for Reilly on the sneak or give it to the RB…he is getting hit alot thru the game and putting him thru this particular play puts him thru more hits

This Long guy deserves a penalty for his BS fake contacting the kicker

Seems like a big part of Reilly’s game is throwing the ball up for grabs and hoping his receivers come down with it.

Looks like EE found their fire and CJ re-discovered his running legs! EE with the 10 point lead early in the fourth.

i'm surprised BC's kicker, Long...didn't fake contact on that last punt

Can't complain about JJ. But the rest of the team doesn't seem to have got the memo :-\

I assume you mean Jeremiah Johnson and not Jonathon Jennings?!?