GDT: Leos @ Bombers

These two teams play back to back, this week and next, and then don't play again for the rest of the season.

The winner will be right in the thick of the West Division race, while the loser will be in sole possession of last place.

Gotta go with my guys. I hardly think it’s unreasonable to think they’ll win this one. Back in 2011 they had a horrible start to the season and we all know what happened then. So they’re off to a somewhat shaky start this year, the bombers aren’t exactly any more impressive than the lions at this time.

Buncha Lion doubters (or Jennings doubters?) around here ;D They’ll show you, and if they don’t?

…I’ll use some colorful language within the confides of my home bar surroundings. Get a good speed bag workout in. ;D

Although Wally Buono has deteriorated greatly since his halcyon days - he's still a superior tactical coach to Iron Mike O'Shea. Iron Mike could be heard belching about every micro-decision on the field - sometimes missing plays and future calls cuz he was overly focused on a play that had done its time.

Almost everyone agrees Richie Hall is a spent force on the bomber D - bombers probably know it but refuse to address it - cuz gawd forbid THEY MIGHT GET SOMEONE WORSE!!!

Nichols won't take a step back - he's a tough cookie who will take his share of punishment because he needs that extra 1/2 sec. to complete passes and make progressive reads.

Bomber o-line might be feasted upon by BC front 7 - especially Paddy Neufeld who's a human turnstile compared to Big Travis Bond - the 6'6.5", 365 lb. behemoth who opened sardine cans for Andrew Harris to romp thru. Harris is finding the going tough without Bond.

With Bomber fans like youLyle B. Stylewho needs enemies.

The Esks losing makes this one a little more interesting as well.

Not too many negatives for the Bombers tonite - personnel wise they're a classier bunch than the Lions.

Mik O'Shea might not be the coaching genius some think he is but he isn't in the bottom pool - now occupied by Tank Sherman & Frizzy Pasquale (Buono)

Only negative for the bombers is its pretty clear now Adarious Bowman is done!

Something nice to say about the Bombers. Hell must've froze over.

Wow. Those Bombers exploded.

Or Wow. Those Lions imploded.

Hmm. Yay

(insert colorful language)

Mod Edit:

OK. How's this?

I'd say lastnight clearly showed that the Bombers are more impressive than the Lions.
We'll have to see what BC does to adjust next game at home.

……Team looked great…Nichols is a better qb. than a lot of people give him credit for…He carved the Leos up pretty good…The one thing that has evaded the Bombers under his guidance is being consistent…Achieve that and ‘look out’…the top tier in the west is going to get a little crowded :wink:

HA!! that should do it

Adjust? At this time I think it's more spit balling and seeing what sticks. They are being out played in most aspects of the game. And yep, we'll see next week.