GDT: Leos @ Bombers

dial 1 416 322-9650, press 3 for football Op’s or 9 for The Commish, register a complaint.
This Video Replay garbage has gone on for too long.
It makes knowledgeable folks laugh at the League. It must be fixed.

Good point. I know that as a Ticats fan I'm tired of them messing up and apologizing after the fact! That's happened WAY too often to them in the past three seasons! I don't know if any other team has had as many instances where the league admitted to them a couple of days after the game that the call wasn't correct. It's happened to the Ticats at least four if not five times over three seasons!!

Reality....CFL needs to start the season sooner.
There are ways to work around the draft issue.

They’ll have to adjust next season since they’ll be adding an extra week so that every team has three bye weeks. Personally I like it the way it is. I thought westerners were used to being out in the cold! :wink: :wink: :smiley:

BBs chipping away here. How are BC receivers so open at times?
Jennings picked off - Wally challenging?

Reality of modern sports is that you need to do things to keep butts in seats vs watching on TV...many simply won't do it when it gets cold. I don't mind it, but I don't blame those that do. This would help sell season tickets as well...I have spoken with a few people who have said they might buy if it weren't for the late season cold games. Right now they just pick up for a few games per season. A huge screen in HD and cheep everything at home is tough to combat

True. I'm not a cold weather fan. Have made it through a couple of games were the temp was about +5 and that wasn't chilly enough. I'll see how I fare at the Grey Cup this year but I have invested in a nice warm coat.

Matty and skates? I'd like to see that but at least he knows what skates are. Louisiana boy think he is. :-*

BBs doing well to still be in this game given that BC has had the ball twice as much. D has been stepping up more and STs have certainly helped keep the score within reach.

Danny boy warming up!! So what's the knock on having him take over ahead of Davis. He has a good arm and is a dual threat. And after that strip by the D, he's IN!

That RTP penalty really hurt the BBs and wasn't necessary at all. Down by 9 again.

BB not out of it yet despite.

There you go Dan, back to the basics as Matt says.

Just over six minutes left and the BB's have yet to put up a major. And still, only a nine point lead for the Lions.

...annnd another interception for the B's at 5:28 remaining.. ugh

True - and the pick fest has begun! Go Dan!!!

Harris, ouch! Horrible toss by LeFevour, not good.

Wife says dinner ready, have to tape the rest of the game. Darn it!

The Medlock show.

Can't count the number of missed tackles by Wpg on that long run by Rainey.....Bomber D is horribly porous.

Tough to watch. While Nichols has degenerated into hobo status - he was an excellent hobo. Dom Davis is horrid; Dan Lafevour is WORSE. No real depth at the all-important QB position by an under-powered, slow and inefficient squad.
Now it appears Harris is done for the year after getting head-slaughtered (no penalty btw)

As I predicted the bombers have degenerated into a bantam A level team. No real purpose out there - no real coaching or deft skills.

O'Shea has morphed into a stubborn blockhead, no question.

Kick another FG mik - Matlock is hot tonite!

Anyways, fwiw Winnipeg appears to not really want a home date. They'd only take a massive infected feces dump on IGF in front of their home fans. O'Shea knows it - but he can play "Maybe, Maybe!" with Nichols injury until nextFriday in Calgary.

Even if Calgary decides to "throw" the last game of the year, starting Buckley at QB and dressing 10 to 12 spares - the bombers might not be able to convert the opportunity.

Cowboys Hufnagel & Dicky Deuce are now thinking whats best for the Stamps? Are the esks the bigger threat? Bigger than Sask'n? If that's the case Calgary might want to put in an effort tonite to supress the Esks and place them in the crossover.

Keep in mind Sask'n is no easy matter. Make Sask travel to Wpg, play in some bitter cold and hope they suffer some injuries before the Western final. Better to face the double-mopes of Glenn & Bridgethan the man-monster Reilly.

In any event - at home or abroad - BOMBERS ARE TOAST!

Next time you see Harris will be the Schenley awards - when he's given most outstanding Canadian in the league.

And having a coach who allowed him to be sucker-punched into oblivion (with the help of an inferior QB)

Picked off. Nice, with 143 to go.