GDT: Leos @ Bombers

If BC can get on track this week, they will improve their chances of knocking off the Argos next week.

BC has nothing to lose but Winnipeg is being backed into a corner. Watch out !

Your words to Gods ears. Or something like that..

2 questions.

1 - where are the Bomber fans ? . The loudest crowd in the CFL are aware that this game is for second place right ? I see lots of empty seats.

2 - where is the Bomber swagger? The game is for second place right ?

Drum lines are so annoying.

Bombers down early, QB hurt, Jennings getting cocky, Pro-line in doubt...

Have to wonder why the BBs wouldn't put LeFevour in to start ahead of Davis.
So far (5 minutes remaining to half time) the Leos look like the team in 2nd place and the BBs aren't looking so dominant.

Bomber D and Teams may keep this close but I agree, put Danny Fever in and let him run.
I'm switching to doubles....
And Brandon Alexander and Walker better wake up...

Noticed empty seats in the end zone areas but thought the sides looked pretty full.

Tabbie's right, no fans, no attitude, no QB, Harris looks normal, field side D looks stoned, my Pro-Line ticket looks toast.

I know that Dans a scrambler - but is Davis (havent seen much of him)

Dan can run, and he's not small.

I KNOW that LeFevour can run! Used to like watching him when he played for my guys! Still like him and he is a more experienced QB with more starts than Dominique.
Question is - Does Davis scramble or is he more of a pocket passer

"Feels like -6C" says weather channel.....been there, done that, no fun.

From what I see, it doesn't look like Davis like to run. Had room to run on that last play and tossed it away. Medlock appears to be out of his slump so far this game anyway so that`s helpful

That`s chilly!!!

Crowd not happy that Osh won't go for the TD on 3rd down. Not going to take a page from Trestman apparently! :wink:
BB offense finally seemed to be getting on track there anyway even if they settled for another FG

Oh my goodness!, Command Centre screwed up on that blocked punt for the Bombers. It was so clear, that's very, very bad! Jock and Milt are laughing their arses off on that one, for good reason. :-*

Randy is watching I'm sure. :wink:

Now I'm a Bomber fan and I'm enjoying the result but how on this f'ing earth did The COMMAND Centre miss the touch on that blocked punt......Glen Johnson should loose his job, or fix this crap.

Time's up Randy, no one wants this child's play anymore. This is professional football, can we have some professional video review?

Yeah they showed that earlier - definitely a miss by the CC - but then what else is new! :o :o :o :wink: :wink:

If they can't get this easy one right, TSN showed it clearly, why even have a CC at least how it's structured now?