GDT: Leos @ Argos

This is the first match up between these two teams.

The return game will be in early October.

BC is up 6 pts to 4 on Toronto in the crossover standings.

Should be a good one. Two evenly matched squads - both coached by CFL legends.

Argos at home doesn’t mean much as 8,500 to 10,000 folks don’t make much noise!

May even go to OT.

Only downfall is TSN moving away from Thursday nite football and that means Old Rod Black plaguing us for 2 games a week. Well, it was nice while it lasted! Da honeymoon is over!

Did they shrink Wilder’s jersey in the dryer ?

Looks like a sellout in Toronto! The stands were a little sparse at opening kickoff but have steadily filled in the 2nd Q. I suspect they opened the gates to the CNE crowd? But it’s nice to see a near-packed BMO for the Argos (and the Lions laying a licking on the Boatmen!)

After what the Argos did to Ottawa I wouldn't count them out early.

Good throw by 5 names for a TD .

Actually I heard yesterday that it was close to a sell out - but then anyone with a ticket to the Argos game gets free admission to the CNE. Given the time of the game, one could spend some time earlier in the afternoon taking in the CNE and maybe hit the evening concert afterwards.

I’ve also heard him referred to (by Hamilton media) as “Hyphen” :smiley:

Nice score though for sure. TO managing to keep it reasonably close.

The Ticketmaster map hours before the game showed very few tickets but that is not always accurate .

Still nice to see a crowd of some size at BMO .

Argo crowd seems to be making enough noise to cause the Leos to take a couple of penalties - Time count, procedure and even an offside called as a type this.

Hyphen LOL ; yes I wonder why he didn’t go with Baltazar .

He does have some confidence in his throws that seems to spur the offence on .

More importantly the team seems to be confident in his ability to get the job done. Of course that wild comeback against the OTTRBs no doubt helped to instill that confidence.

Awesome screen to Coombs by the Argos.

Looks like the Argos regain the lead here - with the aid of the DPI.

Maybe that's the answer to the Argo problem — have the CNE open every weekend all season long.

Is it just me or is the attendance really good?

That review was a little too long .

You can see the coaches even letting out a little hurry up and tell us the obvious .

Food obsessed game today .

Last time I went to the EX got a Mars Bar deep fried .

An obvious zoned out Rod Black losing focus rapidly and only talking about food items at the CNE. This is ridiculous - talk about the football game goofy!

btw - this Little Tim donuts looked so damn good . . . man o man i was on the same distraction train as Rodawful

That Ball is an idiot - gets a sure-fire 6 and fumbles it on his own accord. Marcus Ball should be cut after the game - if Argos lose!