GDT - Hamilton vs Montreal (Meaningless Game #3)

It did look like he tried to flip it to Lawrence as he was going down. Oh well.

How many yards did Banks give up on that punt return?

Banks still going the wrong way on that return trying to get outside. He's been SO much better as receiver.

Chambers should have had that one - or did JM toss it a bit short and into the turf? Maybe a bit of both?

TOO many! ::slight_smile:

The only first quarter stats that even begin to look impressive are the # of sacks by the Ticats! :-[ ::)::)And that just went up to four!!

Good FP for the Ticats but they really do need to score the major here. Seems they have the wind this quarter?

Hey, if we're speculating on how he would have done, we have to look at all of his stats. TD passes, yards passed, INTs, sacks, yards rushed. Perhaps Collaros would have had more TD passes, no idea. But I am pretty sure he would have had more picks, more sacks, and fewer yards rushed than Masoli.

With any luck at all, he'll come into camp next year with confidence, because I actually feel that he is one of the best QBs in the league - assuming he can get his scrambling ability back. ButI think right now he's still hindered a bit by his knee, not trusting it yet.

Don't forget about Richard Leonard's 2 INT's.

And you guys want to keep Jeremiah (Glenn) Masoli, and cut Collaros!!! Please give me a break!

Good to see the QB debate in the game thread. There’s no other obvious place for it.

21 to go.

I was just looking at the list of stats put up by TSN at the end of the quarter but of course the 2 picks are impressive too!

Off the damned crossbar... sigh

Kavis - Mr "Consequences" fumbles his one and only challenge of the game!


Ah but Luke rescued the day! ;D ;D ;D Too bad about the missed PAT - Just a bit too wide unfortunately!

TD Tasker, on #100 reception for the year.

But missed the convert.

For the first time in a long time we can say we have a good defensive back field

Yup - Leonard has been an EXCELLENT addition and other players have stepped up too!

He’s added a few more knockdowns tonight as well. Was already leading the league I think.

JJ taking a page from Trestmans' book and go for it on 3rd and short? Unsuccessful onside kick but at least the larks are pinned deep and haven't been able to move the ball much!

Interesting call on the 3rd down quick kick. Probably not that different field position from what they would have gotten if they had gone with the punter.