GDT - Hamilton vs Montreal (Meaningless Game #3)

The game starts at 1900hrs EST on TSN.
While Montreal is dong the prudent thing and playing many of their prospects, Hamilton is going with a veteran-heavy lineup.

We're also the guinea pigs for the Kommand Kommissariate "Review" process, probably to see how messed up it is. I can't wait for them to blow a decision...

Hopefully we will see SOME of our other players (cough cough Collaros) with the starting lineup (ie: more than 3 plays).

A coolish windy night for the last dance. I think some interesting news may come out regarding mgmt in the next few weeks.

Ticats are going to finish the season on a winning note and have their second victory of the season at home!! :slight_smile:

What’s that about?

Scratched for tonight: The Cats' 2 Davises and MTL's RB Sutton and DE Knapton

Not off to a very impressive start here! Of course it's only one series but we've seen this picture before too many times this season!

Direct feed from Command Centre to the video board at the stadium to show what they're looking at. Unfortunately, I don't think that feed is making it onto the TSN broadcast. Would also be interesting to hear what they're saying to each other, and to the referee.

OUCH! Leonard didn't need to touch the receiver - looked like the ball was overthrown anyway.

Made up for it there with the pick.

Leonard making a case again for being MOR as he snags another pick! :slight_smile:

A bit of an ugly one so far

True - and Luke records reception #94 I think (he needs 7 I believe to hit 100) OK corrected by Black - his 98th!

Offense is starting move at least but can't finish the drive - again!

That catch by Banks puts him 29 yards away from 1000 for the year. And to think he only had 53 yards after week 9 (eight games).

OK .... Be honest guys ...wouldn't you like to know how many TD's Collaros would have made by now!!

Quite the accomplishment under JJ.

Meanwhile the larks QB just managed to rush for a FD. Should have had him stopped well short but they have another chance here.

PICK by Leonard and down but ball comes loose and possible fumble - Looked like he might have been down a split second before the ball came loose but it's REALLY close!

Sure. And the number of picks thrown. And the number of sacks.

ABSOLUTELY!!!! (Can you hear me??) :wink:

Just remember he didn't have Washington and Mathews playing at tackle and the run game barely existed! JM has taken his share of sacks - at least one tonight in the first quarter.

Hee have no faith. (in Collaros)