GDT: Hamilton @ Regina

From lovely New Mosaic Stadium - and 32,000+ ferocious, loud-mouthed sodbusters cheering their green side on . .. .

Thank cripes UFC booked TSN 3 for their aborted pre-PPV show tonite - missed all but last 30 seconds of Rotten Roddy Black as Argos toppled defending Grey Cup champs 26-25 w/ Maher missing an O'Shea Special - 60 yd field goal w/ no time on clock.

Battle of 2 coaches with desperation in their vile hearts -

The Porky Corky who is literally on rubber legs in the province of Sask'n vs. The Shovelfaced Kent Austin - sporting a nifty 53% winning percentage as a CFL head coach..... :cowboy:

The Riders are going no where with Glenn as their starter, that was bruuuuutal!

Football had Loblaws written all over it, perhaps instead of putting more zip on the ball.
And now Glenn makes up for it.

Field Mice have short memories.

Just as quick as Field Mouse Glenn gives up brutal Pik 6, he drives the ball down the field and scores on a beauty mouse sneak! :cowboy:

Thank you Crapigna, nice plant foot follow through - Ya Man :thup:

Hey, what do I know? Not much and I think Lenny would agree wholeheartedly. Right Lenny? :o :wink:

Gotta work tomorrow so one final prediction

Kent Austin's charges look like wilted warriors.

Snak Collaros still in struggling pre-season mode.

Riders ready to bust out a W for their weary but loyal sodbuster fanatics.

Final ?

Riders 27
Ticats 20


PS. As per usual the TSN feed from Taylor Field is starting to break up. I thought it was inferior electricity at old digs - but maybe its some whiny kid from a bored of director who's yanking chords???

Too many stray wheat seeds flying in the air out there causing electrical interference.

Eat Em Raw Cats. Cats need this win.

Zach has not been the same since that horrible 2015 injury.

Hope he gets his mojo back.

Perhaps an improved O-Line will help.

We stink. :roll:

Sad to see a talent like Will Hill always getting in his own way.

Would likely be a pro bowler in the NFL if he wasn't a dummy. Sadly he doesn't seem to have learned his lesson.

So official has both hands on Hammy's Will Hill, who then briefly grabs the guy, and he's gone, UC.

Last nite Messam does a full and complete big crotch grab and shake, to 15,000 CFL fans, two officials and the opposing Team, and the side judge smirks. Now, at a BDSM circle party Mess might not have been considered "objectionable", just a friendly offer.

CFL, what is the definition of "objectionable"?

I know what mine is.........Jerrome Messam.

Have no clue who will win in the end, but after three quarters Lyle has his prediction.

You have to give the Riders credit in this one, they played well especially on defence and that Roosevelt receiver is a beast. Glenn, while looking like the old Glenn with that horrible pic for a td early on, bounced back and was a leader and decisive. Riders needed this win badly. TiCats have a lot of work to do.

K Glenn will be H of F material.
Best short (5.8.5") dropbck pssr in CFL, perhps NFL history!

Worst 3 groups right now r Hammy, Mtl, Wpg.

Wpg supposedly solved depth problems but their talent within depth is only fair to good. For instance, SKK WRs r vastly superior to Wpg in every way (speed, routes, hands, fear, etc.)

Corky appears to hve slightly better coaching group than the uneven group o’shea cobbled together in Wpg. No question!!!