All time points in a game is held by Toronto at 70.

Calgary team record is 62.

CJ Gable one bright spot 10 carriers for 69 yards.

Could that have been Austins last game with the Cats?


Johnny was out on the town tonight. Had no idea what happened in CFL action Saturday night (Johnny does not own a cell phone, hates them!).

So Johnny comes over to, expecting the Reinebold defense of the Ticats to have given up 35, maybe 40 points in a loss to the Stamps...

60 to EFFIN 1! What a massacre! Suck on that Reinebold you poser!

Told you so Ticat fans! Austin gave up the day he promoted Reinebold to defensive coordinator. The players have given up on both Shovelface and inkey armed braggart Reinebold. [/i]

Can add a couple over other teams to the Concordes.

Since Johnny did not see the game, I will point out an interesting fact.

Some of those 60 points , were piled on by the B Squad.

Special teams guys and back ups watching from the sidelines, got some game film time.

What is the Cats reward for this pathetic display ? A trip to Edmonton.

Johnny wonders if Austin cried himself to sleep last night...

Nah, he was too busy checking the help wanted ads. :wink:

...the stamps put their backup QB in at the half, parked Mess for the game after 3 TDs and started playing special team guys in rotation on both sides of the ball....what more should a team do to show 'mercy'? blindfolds? play with their arms inside their jerseys?..seriously.....

LOL no kidding

Any team that would not let their depth have at it and develop are plain stupid. This was a very rare and golden opportunity to get those depth guys in there and get a good evaluation of them and even more valuable experience, and you learn nothing by having them sit on their heals for 30 minutes of football.

The backups are also not going to show any mercy either as this is one of those rare instances, outside of injuries to the starters, that they get a chance to prove themselves. In such cases, they want to prove that they should be starters!

0-5 the curse of the Caretaker is in full effect!

Yes, also they smelled blood like sharks.

The Ti-Cat team quit. On tv sideline , they looked like zombies.

From what I saw, the undead would have played better.

Further, I was impressed with the Stamps level of class and professionalism.

They did not trash talk , rub it in, over celebrate and they sent in the back ups.

Right back in my good books.

Gee - if only the Cats had shown this much fight during the game.

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Brawl breaks out at Ticats practice days after 60-1 loss to Stampeders