WOW, Christmas has come early for myself.

Not talking about the game that for sure will be over before half time.
Cats have not won here since 04, and will not happen today.
This was not a game I was planning to attend , but I am going.

I am talking about showing off the 92 Grey Cup Champions.

Flutie will be there , for his second Cup stop.

PeeWee Smith ( Eskimo Killer ) , is my all time favourite Stamp.
Spent his entire CFL career here and that West Final catch in 91 into the dagger of the Esks was just pure art and joy.

92 ended a 21 year skid. Happiest day of my life.
Thanks for the memories and welcome back CHAMPS.

...good for you to get to go, will look strange in your BC Lion Orange and Black colours but hey maybe you make it on TV!!...

It's really kind of remarkable that you had Doug Freakin Flutie on your team for 5 years (when he was at his absolute peak) and only came away with one championship.

Flutie was here for 4 years ( 92 - 95 ) That is why 92 is so special. Enjoy the ones your team does win because you never know when you get another.

However, it does hurt and is confusing as to why and how after 92 Stamps had 3 years of dominant 15 - 3 and had nothing. :? :? :?

I am saving that shirt for Sep 16. :smiley:

Guess my memory is fading. Those four years sure seemed like forever at the time.

It was one of the great eras for CFL QBs, so there was tough competition. Dunigan, Allen, Ham and Austin were still at their peaks. McManus was on the rise. Burgess seemed to have his moments I guess. Along with Flutie they all won a ring in the first half of the decade.

I guess the question is will the game be over after the 1st quarter or the 2nd? The Cats have 0 chance to win in this game I would say.

Roy Finch, wow, that dude can run, mind you it's agains't the Cats. Love the Cats but this team is just not that good.

Stu Laird, a Mr. CFL'er all the way.

Ok, this one is donzo, how bad will this one get for the Cats? It's not going to be pretty. I was thinking 14 pt underdogs but that is way too complimentary.

Dig, Shovelface, Dig!

This is going to be UGGGGGLY! :o Right now if I’m the Cats, I just want to go and hide somewhere BUT there is so much more left to the clock in this game! :o

This is getting ugly.
Cats need to put Masoli in for a stretch and maybe Zach can pick up something from the sidelines?
He has not been the same QB as 2 years ago during the MOP run before he got injured.

Think I'm going to bed soon and read my book.

Oh boy!

Form chart says Stamps kill the engines half way thru 3rd quarter. Stumps still win but only 35-17

What happened to this team?
Almost winning in 2014, also 2015 and then the injury to Collaros and he and the team have not been remotely close since then.

Who knows. Maybe Austin is just not the answer as coach. I know, bring back Greg Marshall from Western. :wink:

Caretaker, what's the deal?


I don't think humiliating even can come close to describing this. Are the Cats that bad or has Austin lost the respect in the dressing room?

I think he's lost respect as you say dcmoses.

Caretaker just passed out in the women's washroom! Trying to steal a burner phone; begging Old Henry Burris to come back!

Listen This games not over sense the kickoff. Any thing may happen!
Cats have a high power offense. Calgary better put there 2nd strings back in!!!

Cheers.!!!!!!!!!!!! Franklin????????????????? :cowboy: :cowboy:

Just got home from the game.

Left at half time.

To bad Flutie was not here, but loved seeing the 92 Champs come out with the Cup.

Like it was yesterday.

As for this game, I did mention it would be over before the half.

Never seen this coming. Cats have no confidence.

Nice to see a Canadian U of C guy get some work.

Am I watching the Cats or the 82 Concordes ?

.....Cats look like they're shell shocked and going through the motions.....House cleaning in to bottom...I actually feel sorry for them and am not a big fan of running scores but Cal. is not showing any mercy... :oops: